Black Poetry : Butterflies in Your Stomach


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Mar 2, 2004
Boston, Massachusetts
Have you ever been in fear
of something you want so much
you don't see it
you do feel it
you deny that its true
you spend hours planning
the moment that will bring you bliss
but this...doesn't stop
the fear that drops
on your heart in an instant
you don't want to admit it
but you can't be scared
cause it will mean bringing forth
the feelings that contort
the ones you claim to have
the bravery you stood by
and as you try not to cry
you've lied
and all along its been you
that isn't sure you should go through
Something so permanent
even though you feel the contentment
there seems to be a million and one reasons
that this love for all seasons
won't be jeopardized
by a decision you're trying to hide
behind you there is a small worry
that in this bond you'll one day be sorry
but still you'll stick it out
convinced your mind doesn't know
what it's talking about
So you'll hide the apprehension
ignore the tension
and you look at him and answer yes
as your decorated finger
rests...on your tight chest...


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