Black Sports : BUTLER trade in the NFL for ICU

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    Panthers' Darius Butler"

    NFL Player Leaves Team for Daughter
    A routine checkup of Darius Butler's 3-month-old daughter last week revealed she had a serious heart defect, threatening her life.
    Father trades NFL for ICU
    Darius Butler's daughter underwent surgery open heart surgery on Oct. 27. (AP photo)
    Butler returned to Charlotte on Wednesday and practiced with the Panthers. But he returned to south Florida later in the evening to spend the rest of the team's bye week with his family.
    "It's one of those things we've got to wait and see. But we have faith that she'll be fine," Butler said. "We'll see going forward. But I've got high hopes for her."
    Butler, 25, in his first season with the Panthers, said he received a call from Milan's mother last week saying their daughter needed emergency surgery. Butler could not recall the name of his daughter's condition, but he said it involved complications with the veins near her heart.
    When Milan had a setback the day after the surgery and had to be placed on a heart-lung machine, Butler decided to stay with her and skipped the Panthers-Vikings game. He said Milan is now off the machine and breathing comfortably on her own.
    Butler, who was still wearing the pink hospital bracelet at practice Wednesday, said the scare gave him a new appreciation for the charity visits that NFL players make to hospitals.
    "We all do visits to children's hospitals. But you never think it's going to be your own child," he said. "The relationship with the nurses and the doctors and surgeon—these people you've got to trust with your daughter's life. So it's really scary."

    I wish the best for him and family , his daughter