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Oct 13, 2006
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Black people aren't Gangsta. Perhaps a small handful are. The ideology perpetuated in today's media about our 'Gangsta attitude' is based in fiction. It's not Gangsta to shoot up your block, disrespect Women and sell drugs to your own people. No matter how many tattoos you have. No matter how many guns you have. No matter how many times you've watched Scarface. And no matter how big a Man or Woman you pretend to be you're not a Gangsta, you're just in pain, and probably need a hug. Nothing that therapy couldn't fix.

What we fail to realize about real Gangstas is that they control the flow of cash, while their means of doing so are always questionable, a Gangsta is Soldier belonging to a larger Mafia of community controllers. Drugs, prostitution and even bootlegging are all negatives known to be controlled by Mafia Gangstas.

But what if we were Gangsta? Sure we have Gangs and turf wars etc. But those Gangs are controlled by larger Mafias usually have more control over certain neighborhoods than the Government and the Police. So how can we get "Mafia" status on a positive level?

First of all, no one from the outside would be able to come into our community and basically run the whole block from a corner store. Only in a Black community is it possible for a Korean to sell Caribbean food. Only us. We have a major problem we identify too much with what Whites tell us to identify with. But don't be upset with the Koreans and Arabs, it only makes sense. They have to open stores on the corner to shelter us as we stand on the outside.


Harlem Nights. Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.


Hoodlum. Laurence Fishburne

The core philosophy behind the Mafia doesn't have to be a negative. Well, that would depend on what type of Mafia you are talking about really. In the past Mafias basically protected turf. Just as Tribes did in Africa. But now even in Africa, young Men believe that by wearing a bandana and playing 50 Cent on their stereo makes them a Gangsta. And just like in America this is a type of brain washing used to channel our natural anger away from the official target.

If we were really Gangsta our communities would be protected. And I'm not just talking about with Guns.


Any fool can possess a Gun.

But what did Eddie Murphy's character say in Harlem Nights? Quick: "It's not how many your shoot it's who you shoot."

Churches don't use Guns, but they can target the Black Woman's psyche- using her shame about her sexuality and lust against her. And look how well that seems to be working out. So while some of us believe the war is about Guns and bullets- we are killed more often by simple thoughts. Which is why we continue to fight among ourselves while the enemy roams free.

The Black Man and Woman is not my enemy, no matter how disagreeable they act towards me. This is something we must realize as a race. Our target is not each other. So what should we be shooting for?


Any good organization is a mixed bag of different minds and bodies, even the Mafia. Meanwhile we are fighting to hard to get everyone to conform to our ideals, our ways of thinking and this not how any good "Mafia" works. You see- if we ~were~ Gangsta we'd realize this by now.

We must wonder if the monotheistic philosophies taught to us through our religions has us brainwashed into believing there is one solution to a collection of problems? Because obviously "gangstas" come in all sizes and every criminal organization has a perfect Man for the job, no matter the job.

If we were Gangsta we wouldn't have to praise Obama as the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ because it doesn't matter to the Mafias around America who becomes president, to them it's no different than a football game. They control the imports and exports within their community whatever they might be and that's all there is to it.

If we were Gangsta our young Men and Women wouldn't have to search the streets looking for gangs to belong too, because your Family should be the only Gang you need. Could it be that families no longer have people the youth respect and fear?

If we were really Gangsta, I mean really Gangsta- we wouldn't have to march to get anything done or be heard, and we definitely wouldn't have to beg the Government for Reparations.


We'll get paid when we learn the laws of this land, learn that tricks and deceptions run this empire and not truth. You can't get reparations calling yourself an "African American." Read the books. Why would America pay out money to it's own citizens? Tsk tsk tsk...

No, we aren't gangsta at all...just something else.
I like this post, as always the post from you Meta. If only we had our own real gangs doing what we need to do.

My question is: how do we get to the point where we can formulate something like the "gangs" of antiquity, the ones with power who could hold down their section of the globe and even invade when they need to?

People can say what they want about certain Italians and their affiliations with gangs and such, but in the end they holding down their community and their families.


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