Black People Politics : BUSTED! Phillip Scott of TheAdviseShowTv (oh, so that's why you be dogging Black Women)


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Aug 21, 2012
October 1, 2018:

YouTube on fire with the unmasking of this "conscious" black man who'd been claiming for years his wife (pictured below) was black all the while dogging Black Women with his favorite pejorative he uses against them: "hoodrat."

We'll bring the heat, evidence and analysis later.



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Aug 21, 2012
On Black Women, Phillip Scott says, they are “Ratchet, 2 dolla hos…”[Published YouTube May 14, 2013 videi entitled “Did Makosi Make herself look like Massa’s Bed Wench?”].

Here we ago again, right? Another one them “conscious” black men talkin bout “racism/white supremacy.”:lol: Talkin bout how much he loves black families and wanting to see black liberation (and the rest of it) all the while lusting for white meat.

And then the universe exposes his fa hizzles.

On September 30, 2018 in his video entitled “Let’s Address This So We Can Get Back To Work” you have, to me, what seems to be how perceptive (or unperceptive) Scott thinks his adherents are. He talks about how DNA results reveal his wife to be 67% Indian, effectively disputing—from his standpoint-- anyone who says she’s white.

Now see, this dude off the charts. Nonetheless, he demonstrates a key reason why I’ve always argued against using the one-drop rule. I have always said that the so-called rule will be used to wipe out black identity.

In relation to the one-drop rule, I argue against classifying bi-racial people as “black.” Bi-racial people are not black people; they are bi-racial people. It may come as an offense to some, but that’s science, not me. I understand why many people would push back on me with that. Why? Because it takes away many of our fantasies like, there was no Americam black president after all, which means that some people didn’t understand politics like they thought they did.

It means that Prince was not black. Means that Halle Berry not black. Means Colin Rand Kaepernick is not black. Let me emphasize. I am not and did not say these people are bad people. I didn’t say that. I’m simply articulating science: black parent + white(other) parent = bi-racial child.

The tragedy of the Negro in America,” writes Essien-Udom (1962), “is that he has rejected his origins—the essentially human meaning implicit in the heritage of slavery, prolonged suffering, and social rejection. By rejecting his unique group experience and favoring assimilation and even biological amalgamation, he thus denies himself the creative possibilities inherent in it and in his folk culture. This dilemma is fundamental; it severely limits his ability to evolve a new identity or a meaningful synthesis, capable of endowing his life with meaning and purpose." [Essien-Udom, E.U. Black nationalism. New York: Dell, page 9].

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