Black People : Bush Provided many with Wealth and Fame

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    No president in the history of the United States of America

    made so many people wealthy and popular and some famous from making films, documentaries, and books about his destruction of peace and civility, on the planet!

    His stealing the election with the help of his cousin in Florida


    reporter; Greg Palast, author of "The Best Democracy Money can Buy" a household name amongst progressives

    It also gave Michael Moore, millions after he won the acadamy award for Bowling For Columbine, where
    "Farenhieght 9/11" was the biggest grossing documentary in the history of the world as well as the top mive beating out all Hollywood fliks concurently showing at the time

    The 9/11 incident created;
    the impetus for fim makers, prgressives and lovers of truth and peace
    to create over 20 different videos exposing thias sham, by Bush Cheney Wolfowitz and Rumsfield

    Among the tops are;
    Loose Change

    In Plane Sight

    and authors like:

    Peter Dale Scott,
    David Ray Griffin
    Webster Tarpley
    Michael Ruppert
    Alex Jones

    became famous thanks to Bush

    then the Iraq war;

    and his anti-terror Czar, Clarke came out with a best seller

    and documentaries like;

    Hijacking Catastrophe

    No End In Sight

    Iraq for Sale

    "The New American Century"

    ""The Fog of War"
    "Why we Fight"
    " Control Room"

    Hollywood movies like;
    "Body of Lies"
    "The International"

    the websites of:
    John Pilger
    Noam Chomsky
    Naomi Klien
    Naomi Wolf
    Amy Goodman
    Chris Hedges
    Lyndon Larouche
    Michel Chosudovsky
    Jeff Rense
    Paul Craig Roberts
    John Judge
    Michael Moore
    Wayne Madsen

    became extremely popular all getting millions of readers

    and websites like;
    The Smirking Chimp
    The Onion
    Counter intelligence
    Common Dreams
    Information Clearing house
    Truth dig
    Raw Story
    What Really Happened
    Conspiracy Planet
    Gnostic Underground
    The Consortium

    got as many hits as CNN, ABC, and the New York Times

    then televison, he made so many comedians and night show hosts famous, every time he screwed up a speech, or made some stupid lie or lied about some stupid war, just to get his ratings up and,
    that kept these folks ratings up for over 7 years

    But let's be honest, practicaly half the white population in this nation where embarassed about this room temparature IQ jerk and his "handler" Carl Rove

    and about 80 percent of everyone in the rest of the world

    And since the Black community was strategicaly dessimated slowy and methodicaly all over the planet

    about 98% of us where sick of this dude too.

    So when folks give you that old sing song
    "Oh , well nobody complained about Bush"

    just give them a look, and then give them a list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:10100:
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    Yep, a cryin' shame...BUT then his administration flipped the script so much so, that they live in bankrupt states, in upside down mortgages, hammered in taxes, stock worth going down by the minute...foundations crumbling right before their very eyes, Wow, as they say, what glitters isn't always gold....the wealth of the wicked laid up for the just.