Black Poetry : Bus Chronicles#2: A trip to tha dentist

sweet apple*pie

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May 14, 2006
East Coast
I am a student, and all though it is hardwork, it
Bus Stop Chronicles are seperate pieces, and dont string together from previous flows...

Inside his sexual cavity
He had me…
Trying to dig out my nougat with his


Allowing the glaze over my curvaceous waves…
To fill the pocket of his

Sweet Tooth

Hips rounded smoothly beneath his
Ooooh la la,
As he pierced me

With shaking vibrations of sexual magnetic force
Pulsing, thumping, blood rushing to my


Of warm banana bread, and cantaloupes
Sipping international coffees
Laced with
Chocolate truffles and raspberry mouse


Accepting the creamer from my special tin…
Slurping it lovingly, anxious to get to the bottom of my


The movie plays on repeat, as he spies on me
From tha back of tha bus…
forget the digits

i see you get right to work playa playa:bowl::bazooka::10900:

Oh stop it! LOL, You are too funny!! The VERY first thing I say at the top is that these " are seperate pieces and dont string from previous flows" You a trip!!!



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