Black Poetry : Burning Fire

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    There's a new word on the street that

    Back in the day we used to pray

    today you insist it ought not be that way

    caught up in the mix to dismiss

    this earthly bliss

    in a time well spent in thought

    see I'm a hustler no I'm not a follower

    I see gand violence in the street

    young brothers looking for some food to eat

    got sand bags in the eyes with a soft reply

    no such worry of fly by's

    for sugar is sweet so sweet like honey

    I want to be the man who brings home the money

    nothing phony as a wanna be gangster

    got my nine in my pocket in a holster to lock it

    but **** it society has gone crazy just don't ever call me lazy

    sides need to come together were all in the same gang

    there needs to be a change instead flipping fries

    it ought to be Caviar and top of the line whiskey

    so it hit me some brothers don't need to be bothered

    there's a line being drawn in the sand

    when will we ever live to understand

    things falling apart at the seams

    with such evil means

    twisted lies isn't it no surprise

    got to stay locked with the hip hop scene

    don't give up or quit by any means

    burning it up as you flirt with fire

    light it up at your purest desire

    going to take it much higher

    take this logic to the streets

    where we can meet & greet

    need to come together

    forget about the weather

    got to stay light as a feather

    someday we will all sleep tight in our coffin

    then we will stay absolutely nothing

    achieve your goals now

    don't look back when your hands on the plow.