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    I was looking at a map of the globe when suddenly my mind expanded. I saw something I didn't know, the discovery was single handed. See it happened when the quiz arose concerning populations, if man started in Africa why's he mostly in the Chinese nation? As I studied the map it occurred to me it was a bull that I was facing, each nation with a part to play each manchild with a station. Is it a coincidence that China sits above the scrotum, like sperm awaiting an orgasm after the balls of India load em.

    Now this is where it really got strange, UK owned nations were the balls, the belly AND the brain, the USA comprised the outward face and Africa sits in the life giving place. Upon what is he standing, why doesn't the bull fall? South America and Australia are at the foot of it all. Where is the strength? as a matter of fact, it's the Russian kingdom that is the bulls back. Now I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, the center of all sits in Israel, now look for yourself, did I fail?

    Now this all seems so strange, just what can it mean, the bull symbolizes some powerful things. From the stock market to the Egyptian spine, the ankh and the aleph, the bull is sublime, Taurus is it's astrological sign. Whether Hebrew golden or Hindu blue, the bull is the Nandi that's shitting on you, from Siva to Ghandi jump run or move, the test of real strength, is he faster than you, will you get away or get torn into two, playing games with a bull is for fools.
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    interesting tapestry you've woven here...raising question that should be thought about...telling stories of human histories, with conclusions bold and brave. i'm liking this depth of you, Lrae. keep writing.
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