Black Poetry : BUCKWHEAT taken it to da freestyle


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I'z be wheat smooth to da beat
like raisen in ya morning sun treat
colored of midnight glow
getting it even da blow
been casin fannies, countin panties
workin mis. Nanny nine 2 five
on da fields of corn beans & rice
a few laps in da hay payin da price
leaving buckz in da cupboard
at tis shack on grapevine and cotton
fishin out da finest of perch , kat
and smeltz of nimbo jumbolizest
all twisted smelly and hot off da cooker
got dem as looker for sum of my beef
had it twice a day what a feast
but her bee's holdin it down
she da bad gal in town
never smile alwayz in frownz
shu! i wasn't no clown i knew
what to do wit dat stuff
so i rolled it out sprinkle som oil to it
and hit it wit a double bump
pushed inside slow til it was perky
rounded off wit a hard bang
sock it to me thang
as i slang and slang
yep ! ole wheat her bee's callin my name
but i'z just kept right on going
yep ! ova & toppy
doing it sloppy like hip-pi-dee do little
crossin in da middle of her fiddle
i'z bee's a real lady killer fo her prime choice
giving all my black eye peas and gritz
fo a fixin of her greens and butta bread muffin
all i'z be sayin is it's hammer tyme
and nuf-fin gonna stop me now
look out here's cum Nanny again about
y'allz i'm
O U T !!!!!


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