Black People : Buchanan: Americans Should Consider Allowing Only White Immigrants

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    Buchanan: Americans Should Consider Allowing Only White Immigrants

    Buchanan: Americans Should Consider Allowing Only White Immigrants
    In his book, State of Emergency, Pat Buchanan argues for an “immediate moratorium on all immigration.” The purpose of moratorium, according to Buchanan, is for Americans to “debate and decide whom we wish to come and whether we wish to alter, or preserve, the ethnic religious composition of American.”

    Today on CNN, John King asked Buchanan if he “wants to set a policy where only white english-speaking people can come to America.” Buchanan said that “the American people should decide who comes.” Buchanan added that he believes “we should favor folks from cultures and civilization that have been assimilated before,” i.e. white Europeans.


    KING: Fairly provocative book here, Pat. I want to begin with something you say near the end of the book, where you call for a moratorium on immigration so that the government can think about what we should have as a policy. You say this: “The first imperative is an immediate moratorium on all immigration…. While it lasts, we should debate and decide whom we wish to come and whether we wish to alter or preserve the ethnic-religious composition of America. After all, America belongs to us, not the world.” There are some who would say: “Pat Buchanan wants to set a government policy where the white english-speaking people, they can come to America, others are left out.”

    BUCHANAN: Pat would say the American people should decide who comes, John. We have 36 million immigrants in this country. 12 million folks here illegally. More illegal aliens than all the Jews, Irish and English who ever came. The American people want the border secured, and I think they support a time-out. But if you want a time out you have to have a certain number. As John F. Kennedy said 150,000 to 250,000. Who should decide who comes and what are the criteria? I do believe we should favor folks from cultures and civilization that have been assimilated before. But the purpose of the moratorium is like the moratorium we had from 1924 to 1965 — to assimilate, americanize and introduce all these folks to our language and culture, and history and heroes, and make ‘em Americans.

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    Buchanan obviously is not THINKING. He SEEMS CONFIDENT ENOUGH as to having a PIECE of the 1 PERCENT of AMERICA. If he is willing to GIVE UP his little TINY PIECE than I am willing as the GENERAL PUBLIC to let these 'WHITE' immigrants come in since they are no DIFFERENT from any other IMMIGRANT. Otherwise the ROUTINE is to DUMP them into those without a PIECE and let us all SORT IT OUT in the NAME of DIVERSITY. Which to me is a WASTE of TIME and if so, he thinks things will GET BETTER in the NATION which to me is a WASTEFUL IDEA.

    A technique of RUTHLESS WHITE which I am all to FAMILIAR WITH.

    Dont you remember your ancestors had to deal with my ANCESTORS in the days of OLD. Also with the ITALIANS SLAVICS etc who were not with the IRISH either. Those TIMES ARE NOT TALKED ABOUT in GREAT DETAILS. That's DIVERSITY. Obviously you have not LEARNED a BIT about the NATION at ALL. Now that your 'IRISH' family got THERES now you want to SUGGEST the CURRENT GENERATION of my ANCESTORS DESCENDANTS to FIGHT again in the NATION for NOTHING or VANITY.

    Let me repeat these WORDS to you BUCHANAN or anyone with THOUGHTS such as THIS, you cannot be AVERAGE and 'SEE GROWTH from PAST PERFORMANCES' - OLD WORLD IMMIGRATION in this NATION anymore. It wont WORK.

    Oh well.
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    Edomites are revealing what many of our elders said would come in the end days..

    So will our lost children of Israel stop buck dancing and singing koombaya with easu when his goal is to destroy us???