brush and floss, please


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Jun 18, 2004
north philly ghetto
retired computer geek
i have lately encountered a number of black people around philly with stinky breath. mostly brothers but also a couple of sisters.

i am a little disappointed. these are the black people who are supposed to be hipper than most. well dressed, knows about the issues but the breath is not right. these are folks who are supposed to be eating all natural foods. i was even talking to one sister at the local farmers market where we get all the natural stuff. she blasted me off with the breath.

i get my teeth done up two or three times a year and i always carry sugarless gum in my pocket.
i drink my water. i take good care of the ones that i have left.

i was too punk to tell the people that they should do something so i will vent here where it's safe.


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