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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
what has it done to me
when i know this really can't be
she not my world be free
yet it's her all that i see

(((Brown suga )))

ever so sweet
lips of honey
smile of sunshine
she is rapidly taken my mind

How can this be
when i know she not for me
I move in the secrecy
and clash my sins
yet i lone her deep within

(((Brown suga)))

I know the taste
and felt so move'd
dancin in her sensual erotic groove
but at the end i 'm standing alone
lost yet understand i loose

Maybe if i sit back and unwined
look deep into this unblind
I would see reality and truth
and accept the black boot
only to end this drama
but she one brown suga mom'ma .

where do i go from here
giving up what i love dear
loosing all that i care
is this really fair
so i sit and yet i stare
in this game of truth & dare

Guess i'll start walking
stop da talking
and face up to my suga cup
that was a stroke of luck
yep i'm passin da buck
mind still stuck in this rut

Not giving up but givin in ....



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