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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere

    Brown skin woman, you a queen, not a HOE
    Any man that drop the lyric what we give them the BO
    Brown skin woman you a queen and not a HOE
    Any man that drop the lyric what we give them the BO

    Verse One:

    We don't come with disrespect, we come with intellect
    If you come with disrespect you get a rope around your neck
    Some people don't expect me, to be so violent
    But me NAH violent, just myself I protect
    Too many time I see, young gwal pickadee
    Pay five ten twenty thirty dollar to see
    some rapper some singer some .. celebrity
    Talk bout they wan fi sex up and fill up you body
    But them NAH talk about peelin off some money
    for the pumpin onna bed, when you haf the baby
    Whattaya think can happen next? After you're done havin sex?
    Too much of ignorance, not enough intellence
    Mahn me NOT against sex, but too many DJ
    talk sex but them not talk about the next day
    Cause the next day them gone, and you sit alone
    Got em soup up your mic, pon de micraphone

    Chorus (w/ minor variations)

    Verse Two:

    Brown skin gwal them can't diss yo
    Cause you run the show-ow-ow!
    Them call you all type of bimbo
    But you know you're not a hoe-oe-oe!
    Bwoy pickade, check out your history
    Brown man is a God in any ci-ty
    White, man knew dat, and dat was a shock
    So dem whip up your bod', and dem whippin not stop
    But dem NAH can't stop us wit de whip and de chain
    So dem take away your history, erase your name
    STILL, with no name, with no fight, with no fuss
    We just, take on the name, that MASSA give us
    That name is NI-GGA, the correct is NE-GRO
    It's spa-nish for BLACK, white mahn call us DAT
    There is also NE-GROID, also NE-GRO
    Now, all ***** pon the corner playin cee-lo
    Man you're not a ne-gro, cause you're skin is not black
    Take a look at yourself, you're brown and that's a fact
    You not jump from no tree, you not live in no cave
    That's some GARBAGE dem print, dem want you to behave!
    You a African man, some say Asian
    You must respect your love, all brown skin 'oman!
    If you diss your 'oman, you not come wit no plan
    So shut up your mowf, til you must understand!

    Chorus (w/ minor variations)


    I know you want me to call you a *****.. NO!
    I know you want me to call you a hoe.. NO!
    I know you want me to call you a *****.. NO!
    This is how it go!