Black People : Brothers Wanted !

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    Please respond if your real and serious about uplifting Black Women....We are also accepting letters of endorsement/ support and financial contribution. Remember, no nation will rise no higher than its woman.
    Brothers Wanted !
    Committed, serious males who are not afraid to be REAL Men and who have a great appreciation and respect for the Black Woman
    (your grandmothers, mothers, significant others, sisters, daughters, etc.)
    and a Love for Our People & the obtainment of true Freedom,

    We Need You and Your Support!
    1,000 (minimum) Brother volunteers to assist with security, traffic coordination, etc. for the MWM "X" Reunion Mass Rally and other related program events.

    The Million Woman March 10th Year Anniversary Observance & Celebration will take place in October 2007 and at that time will sponsor several special events, powerful and uplifting activities, and exciting international Movement initiatives during the entire month.

    On October 27, 2007, females of African descent, from around the world and from all walks of life, (in recognition and appreciation that we are from the same MOTHER and must now work together to build a global Sistahood to end the madness) will come together in Unity, Solidarity, Spiritual Empowerment, Wisdom, Pride, and Sisterly LOVE, to not just say no to violence and abuse, misogamy, and vulgarity, but to also say "Are you familiar with the word "BOYCOTT"?

    Spin Doctors, Artist, labels,, radio/tv stations, media personalities, magazines, hotels, companies, etc. that wish to continue to disrespect, degrade, discriminate, disregard, demean, and dehumanize Black females, will be

    Brothers: To sign up for the "Brothers In Support" Direct Action Security Unit e-mail: [email protected]
    or call: 267-299-6424

    "From March to Movement"
    Building the first global Movement for women and girls of African descent worldwide.

    (Mother) Sistahs Taking A Stand Together, To Strengthen Our
    Communities, Families, & Nations