Black Poetry : Brothers Walking Side By Side

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    Brothers Walking Side by Side

    Brothers walking side by side
    Don’t need to televise the revolution
    Motions speaks from the inside
    Ain’t gone be no Salvatore
    Only brothers walk upon this line
    Truth ain’t coming through the back door
    Nigg... will be summons to turn in their pass.
    Brothers only going for the sisters who reside
    In the name of redemption keep our people alive.
    Dark alleys a culture without pride, playing the death drums.
    Poetic nightmares that don’t even give a dam.

    The pig feet and collar greens , aroma float
    through the kitchen windows as the guns go off.
    Sisters that refuse to link living in cloud of instant
    death, perpetrating a fraud,
    Screaming we are one. Looking down on her
    sisters, with slave master eyes, all for self,
    Who are you? Where is my sisters who walk hand and hand
    Dreads upon her head, masquerading as
    a sister in my sacred dreads, Who are
    you that comes with the locks of my King?
    claming to be my brother, as I turn my
    back you shoot me dead.
    Pimping ministers, thank you Jesus
    devils who is your King?
    ******* kill others just because one
    didn't receive the correct change.

    Some the fertilize souls
    Some who sit in the power of authority
    Ejaculation of hypocrisies
    Living in a cocoon without the clue to lead.
    Rolling and Ravings as the night began
    Hiding behind the tom, toms theories truth must not be told.

    Nigg—are scared of a revolution,
    Revolution aint nothing but change
    Ain’t gone be no master God who hides
    behind the lynch man ropes.
    Our almighty lives beyond the skies
    Brothers walking side to side
    Relinquish your rights sisters who live
    Through the mind of the hood
    The hood don’t recognize the ghetto
    It recognizes the symbols of change.
    The seeds of the future covered with rusted subdue.
    Linked to the slave ship minds that refuse to release.
    The unfamiliar minds, the chains of the pass,
    ancestors turn one by one.
    Death they scream in vein. Genocide the
    back door of thieves, chains that smothers
    the mind in disbelief. Under the darkness
    of the hood, a corporals iron that clad
    the whip. Revolution that never balance.
    The scrap dealer the future and tomorrow.
    Believing in an iron brace, that squeeze
    the mind even when man is asleep.

    The cotton that grows upon the doors,
    colors of hate, black baby, red bone
    The stool shall be the eye holder of t
    he want to be slave master.
    Separations of a people who is too dam
    stupid to pick up the torch.
    Hidden behind the Grungy, spiced up weed,
    white power that smothers the mind.
    The link to the chains. The battle grounds
    of the hoods, public administration sings
    we are the living dead, kill my brother
    the sounds of the smoking Gun

    Sinners prayers on the air,
    Blink, Blink, Blink
    Bit—shaking there as- for the world to see.
    Dollar bills hanging from roof to chair.
    Bit-h on leases we don’t give a dam
    Capitalistic dysfunctions , is anybody listening?

    Put them whores on the street
    Bring my money home to me.
    Crying slave mentality
    A culture that don’t link
    The unity only primary weapon
    Of contingent is, it is all about me.

    Hip Hop death by rock
    Slave masters jingo, jingo, jingo
    Is anybody listening?
    Greed, deceptions, slaughter
    By my brothers right hand.
    Mycological reimbursement
    Death by words.

    There’s no mask needed
    There’s burning cross planted above my door
    The cross never burned out the mask is black
    Reverse syndromes
    Slave masters syndromes lives next door

    An ambiguous revolution
    Hooked on stupidity
    A complicated retardation
    Mild case of delusion
    Misleading appearances
    Leaders without character
    Infectious to younger generations
    Smoking guns who gives a dam
    About a future? Brother’s walk side by side.

    Elements of universe that’s on fire
    Black state of mind,
    Primary weapon of containment
    Greed power of contiguous sentiments,
    Condescending movements,
    Slander, ostracize, lynching.
    Brothers walk side by side,

    Raping me of my dignity
    Wearing the sentiments of my sacred identity
    Summoned by my ancestors
    As they turn over in they grave.
    Masquerading as a hero without
    A clue of tomorrow living in a mansion
    Without recovery of who is and what my mission to be
    My babies future of tomorrow. Brothers walk side by side.

    Toxins that filled the streets
    Sipping on death
    Oppressor of self
    Surrounding hate
    Pollutions has no fate.
    Brothers walk side by side.

    Illusion of an empty space,
    Self-destruction dysfunctional disgrace
    Flowing through the Universe
    Who am I? A man without a soul
    The zombies within, crossing the bars,
    Confessions of a soul show me the light
    Message the mind, how do I find the soul
    Who was created in love, releasing the acts of hate
    Life death, Death life, flowing through the universe
    Revitalizing the lost without a soul.

    The black sparrow lays naked without cover
    are hope. Rise my sisters and brothers.
    The truth has been reveal. Cling not to
    the devils theory, free your self of the
    inner curse, we wear the mask. Through
    the diversity of Humanities, the armor
    of a hero. Indoctrination of a
    bureaucracy, shall never win.
    The scars of a warrior, under the
    banner of justice shall be the back
    door, to hypocrisy, thy body shall turn
    cold within the darkness of its war.
    Thy spirit shall live for those , who
    shall follow in the blood, of thy prophesies
    of justice for all. Let not thy words be

    sensuous slavery , give thee the voice
    that man shall stand , for the imbibing
    of Gods words. Shrines, temples,
    churches, Bestrode upon fruitful
    knowledge, Which man has defamed
    my house? With tarnish and no
    conscious of what he represent..
    The sanctuary of my hopes and dreams.

    I give thee mercy to mankind. I have felt
    the scars upon my sanctuary, I walk into
    the space of satan , as his forces surrounds
    the inner space of nature, I give my life
    to you thy God, In the humanities of man.
    I walk in the ferries as satan destruction
    has no limit. I fear not the blackness
    of his voice, I crawl within the realms,
    to save your children my dear lord.
    The warriors of the lord who fight
    Satan his grounds. When man see
    the warriors of your turf, many are
    truly not aware the bond , that we
    have with you dear lord, We are
    the ministers of protection, my
    brothers of the world , share the
    same combats as thee;
    we fair not death, death is life, we give
    our spirit upon the heavens to you my day lord.

    Thy cage that have bound me, in the
    hell of inferior, and thy truth has castrated,
    my submissions of the turn of a world order,
    which has castrated the words of thy
    God. I shall not be silence. I shall return again.
    Through the evolution of thy father,
    the spoken words of tomorrow, the sins
    of the sons and the son’s, shall be
    cursed who tamper with thy God’s order.
    Brothers walk side by side.

    Thy body shall feel no pain as they slay me,
    in the name of thy God. I shall feel no
    pain as my brother, walked through
    the flames of hell without pain.
    As they slay my brother Jesus , only
    the caucus of the frame shall die, but
    the spirit shall return I shall return.
    I am my brothers keeper I shall not die,
    until God give the word; Under decay of
    a world order, and the darkness that realms
    of human death. Brothers walk side by side.
    Is anybody listening?

    Nigg... talk about f** ... f**..that ... f**…. this ... f**….children.. *** my sis. Not knowing what they f*** for. Ain't f**…. for love and appreciation. Just f**-to be f**..Nigg… f*** white thighs, brown thighs, yellow thighs. Nigg****** f*** sisters, brothers, mothers, and I be dam, anything that pleasures there low life self esteem, nigg… will f**…..
    When it comes to revolution, nigg--- just f**…up. Nigg.. play on one another, no respect for their lovers, no respect for their mother’s, no love for their babies, who is the nigg…? Who cries a revolution, when he is just f**…up.
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    Given what we have all been through, and are still going through, one would think we would walk side by side. But there are those who find it easier to use one another as doormats. Thank you for giving us another reason to look at our world. Your voice speaks volumes poet.
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    nice drop well expressed
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    Sister, thou are loosed!

    Nigg... uh's are scared of revolution. Keep telling 'em!

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    peace and blessings keeping hope alive