Black People : Brothers receive Award for saving woman from rape

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    Voice Online :: Brothers receive award after preventing rape


    TWO BROTHERS are set to receive a Good Citizens Award from the West Midlands Police, after they stopped a woman from being raped in 2009.

    Adam and Matt Brooks had just driven off a motorway into Coleshill, Birmingham, when they saw a young woman walking behind a man who was acting strangely. They instinctively felt that something was wrong and turned their car around to check on the woman, but she had disappeared.

    They parked their car and went in search of her, and found the woman in marshland off the main road with the man. When they asked if she was okay, she silently mouthed ‘help me’. One of the brothers made a grab for the woman, whilst the other went for the man, who ran off.

    The young men were then able to take the woman to their car, and drove her to the home she shared with her husband, who then called the police.

    Adam, 26, and Matt, 23, whose parents are pastors, run popular gospel website M-brio Music

    “Our dad [Bishop Melvin Brooks] taught us if you can step in and be a protector of someone under attack, you should try,” Matt said. “Our reward was seeing the look of relief on the woman’s face when she got into our car and the gratitude of her husband and family. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. We acted instinctively and would like to think someone would do the same thing for our sister or mother.”