Black Poetry : "Brothers" Poets Of The Revolution" May A Black Women Speak


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Through the ultimate achievements of man,
the diversity of human associations,
has been limited to self. The knowledge to know,
but never the wisdom to apply.
Ego’s of empowerment without the means
of common sense. The destruction within the eyes
of the beholder I pledge to self .

If thy hold thy peace to darkness of the heart.
The harden of the rock of thy foundation
shall surely die. Servants that sings its own rules
shall mold away and die. Thy shall not hold
thy peace of righteousness , the
darkness shall no longer sanctions thy truth.
Decaying of a world order which refuse to confess.
Wombs of earth validated by the scorns of revenges,
hostage to the devils revenge.

I cry the words of revolution my sons
war shall be won, Only God will have the last words.
Trampling on Gods creations man shall no longer
live within thy heavens. All who come in war.
I love, I creations, I mother, only one God.
Come not in the tongue of words,
I am love, I am creation, I am one.

Let not your victory be by the sword
of the murder of your children,
Let not your dreams be the destruction
of the world, Let not your reasoning by un just.
Those who come in the cloak shall feel
the pain of those who he in just.

The lights that set before me, Fires of passion,
kindling about to burst, the melting of the fires,
that lives within my heart, Oh where are thou,
who reaches for the heavens,
trembling with desire, release,
the burning torch, the burning fire.

The whispers, only get louder,
I fall to my knees, as fire gets hotter,
Oh why can't thou, spilling of passions,
of what was, the fire cries, touch me,
the light, the light, oh how the light blinds me,
the whispers, that touches the first
words that God whispered within
your ears as he release
your spirit within the womb
of mother.

Write it scream it seal it in a book
the black man the poets of the revolution
has return thy spirit of the warriors
Huey Newton, Rap Brown, Malcolm X, Jesus, Solomon
Medgar Evers, Salasie, Marcus Garvey
Raise the flag break the curse
the warriors have return to break
the chains that castrates the memory
of thought.

Oh thou face is covered with sand,
as I shield from the breeze that drifts
across my plantations of history
documented the curse of the soul man.
Atonement of spirituality growth,
internal an external, circle of life has stopped ,
360 degrees of equations that has rusted
within the circles of life.

Shrines, and temples , bestowed upon fruitful
worlds the devil has convicted our fathers
house upon the universe of salvation
there is no sanctuary that I may pray.
I stand before God in the ancient
memories of a better day.

Psychological lynching, activist,
only expressions for self, I revolutionist,
singing oh Mary don’t you weep,
Pimping ministers, thank you Jesus devils,
prostituting the creators name, bonded by chains,
come from beneath
the cloth of my sanctuary, Poets Warriors Of the revolution
Stand up and take your rightful place.

The abomination of earth bows to a different high.
Immersions in a transformations of corrupt
values of individuality weeping that the sou
l has no strength of its own.

Civilizations hurdle within the myth of rotten death.
Vibrations sings the roads of disgrace,
me my self and the mind refuses to link.
Sea’s of human black death. Mountains draped in black
policed with booby traps the evolution
of the open womb, designated within the darkness of the sea’s.

Circles of truth sealed within a box with a rusted key.
The gifts of knowledge only shared within
the close realms of clicks that share only
among them selves. Universe polluted with
genocide dust, zombies that walk upon the earth.
Sleep the sister to death. Human defeat to self.
Passages clutter with suicidal infiltrated within the soul.

Circle of truth , homelands cries, second
power of the sun, first rays of the light.
Cowry shells cries upon my feet. In a ending
of a shallow death, meaningless, tears form,
a culture, country, a destruction of mans own right hand.
Genocide of thy Accessorial tree.

Thy ancestors who died for freedom, that
unity be a truce of all that comes
within the circle of universe, the eyes have
seen the blood of thy sons, thy back has
felt the heat of thy whip, thy walk with the
scars on my back and the blood in the
palms of my hands.

Desires of wanting , pain that seeks
through thy vain, pleading to inner
depths of the mind. Cease and assist
thy family tree of heritage that hangs
from the death of the root of thy tree.
Thirsting for the walls to open , love locked ,
boundaries of no return, the fleeing
of diversity that has no humanitarian
conscious of self.

The battling upon heritage loyalty only to self.

Death be thy weapon of thy cultures inheritances,
battling of the hearts, the hunger
that lives within. Sustain, it no longer exists.
Locked from a world, that sleeps within its own shell.

Noumi Collections By Jacqueline Amos


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
most def on point and real
the scribe u flow is a mental
show to da mind keep flowin
i wanna know all


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
PositiveMindset said:
My Queen, your words sing 2 my heart & mind.

U represent the truth behind the belief that beside every strong man is a strong woman.

Speak, sister, speak.

Thank you my king without you there would not be me.

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