Brothers Only Voice Chat - Wednesdays @ 8 pm ET - Microphone Required

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    What: Brothers Only Voice Chat
    When: Every Wednesday @ 8 pm ET
    Teacher: Every Brother Present
    Where: Destee Online Classroom

    This is long past due, and my apologies for not having it as a resource for our Brothers sooner. As a Sister, i'm not sure what you all will discuss, but i am certain that whatever it is, it can only aid us all toward the goal of unifying our people and correcting some of the wrongs, others have done to us, and we've done to ourselves.

    Many of our young and elder Brothers have not had benefit of the collective wisdom of Black males in their life. There has not always been a close and helpful word of encouragement and advice, coming from Black men, to other Black men. It is our hope, with this "Brothers Only Voice Chat," we can begin to open up the dialogue that should be shared between those who have the same obstacles, traps, and snares laid throughout the land, just for them.

    The challenges of prisons across the country filled with young, strong, able-bodied, Black males, the media painting negative pictures of you, being the last hired, and the first fired, the challenge of being economically enslaved, "forced" to do things that put you right where they want you, more young black men in prison than college, the hardship of creating children that you're not ready or able to care for properly, submitting applications for employment when you know they will not hire you, doing your time in prison only to find that you are forever punished for mistakes made in the past, and perhaps, becoming a man without ever having benefit of a man in your life. There are so many issues, more than i've mentioned or am aware of, that are specific to our Brothers. It is my hope that through this medium we can begin to provide ways to strengthen all of us.

    I am requesting the Moderators that are present during this class, to require everyone to have a microphone and be willing to get on it, proving that they are male. It has already been stated, in chat while discussing our "Brothers Chat," that the topics you all might discuss, would be beneficial to all of us, Sisters and Brothers. I'm sure this is true, but i think that it is time for our Brothers to build up, together and alone, some of the many things torn down. Sister Chat and Brother Chat are the only times that we separate each other. All other classes / chats welcome everyone and many topics are discussed in them. This time is for our Brothers. Moderators, please require everyone to have a mic and come to the mic, this is what we do in Sister Chat and the easiest way to insure the integrity of these chats.

    While i'm not able to personally attend this chat, my Spirit will be striving with you, hoping for very positive and moving results from this effort. Brothers, please let us know what you've thought of the class, how it went, your experience, etc., by posting below. Of course if you have questions or concerns, anyone, you may post them below as well.

    Much Love and Peace.