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Jan 14, 2003
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Brothers Keeper

a civilized
indigenous people
born of Mother Africa
enjoyed a culture which
included language and art.

Enriched by a divine Spirit
they became caretakers of their
sovereinty and land. Given to them
also, was the wisdom to respect nature
as well as tribal elders. Every tribesman
played out their respective role in promoting
the overall wellbeing of the tribe. Women were
respectful and respected. Men were warriors, charged
with protecting women and children. Pillars of the community,
women were industrious and seen as the doorway to eternity.

Through storytelling, griot would perpetuate the oral traditions of a family or village,
educating tribal brothers and sisters in the process. Lessons learned of war and hard times
lent to the nobility of African pride and self-respect. Tradition had it that each living thing was
due a measure of respect, for it too, was the creation of a divine Spirit. Disputes that could not be settled amicably
necessitated mortal combat with life and death hanging in the balance. Such is the nature of man, who in conflict with himself, unquestionably, is committed to self-destruction.

Finally, the grand experiment of life will ultimately weed out any and all who forsake the divine essence of the Creator. Survival of the fittest is what is at stake. Respect yourself, before you wreck yourself. The human race is a race against time. Isn’t it high time we as descendants of God, stop the killing of our sons and brothers? Isn't it time we cease to contribute to our own demise?

Our mothers
bear birth pangs of regret
for every life lost, every man child; our brother.

Darryl Abdu Omari
aka 1poetsought ~ real talk


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