Black Poetry : Brothers In Flight


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Jan 30, 2001
Young brothers ballin’
Dunkin’, shootin’, scorin’
High priced coaches in their Armani best
Oversized corporate logos pinned to their chest
Best teams in the land
All wanting Final Four glory
But behind the hoop and hype
A totally different story

A story of Black Gladiators
Performing incredible round-ball feats
More blacks on the court
Than in the arena seats
Sponsors, media and of course the schools
All making big money
All white
Everyone getting paid
Except the brothers in flight

College basketball
A sorry, sorry state
All you need do
Is check the black graduation rate
Academic manipulation
A sham and the shame of higher education

NBA training ground
Where brothers think they will play
White players sit the bench and cheer
They are the ones who graduate
Their role to boost the team GPA

Brothers for hire
Jumping higher and higher
Campus heroes
Some living large
Through a variety of sources
Just trying to stay eligible
Curriculum filled with bogus and remedial courses

Billions of dollars generated from the game
Brothers in flight
The trade off is a shame
“Student Athlete”
Give me a break
Brothers being used
For the millions others make
Financially it is unfair
Morally it is not right
Young black men being used
See them fly
My brothers in flight



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