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    These are things we are working with in the RED are the key focus points and like to hear brothers feedback
    on each one of brother Lazarus 4 points that might help us better understand.

    1.Healing Environment

    2.Reduction of sense of competition

    3.Ability to take risks


    Oldsoul.....6 points is to better identify ourselves and moreso our goals within
    as these was broken into tribal modern day insights , what would better fit you
    from those 6. ?



    3.Academics / Intellectuals




    Let us continue to find ourselves as we build see u in brothers chat
    Madase Pa Brothers.
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    GrandHustle] 7:54 pm: TY RICH
    [GrandHustle] 7:54 pm:
    [Alkebulan] 7:54 pm: wb GrandHustle
    [will-he-write] 7:54 pm: wb GrandHustle
    [GrandHustle] 7:54 pm: TY Alkebulan
    [GrandHustle] 7:54 pm: TY Will-he-write
    [Lazarus] 7:56 pm: What do *I* need in order to trust *YOU*?
    1.Healing Environment
    2.Reduction of sense of competition
    3.Ability to take risks
    [Lazarus] 7:56 pm: ******************
    [will-he-write] 7:56 pm: Thank You
    [info-moetry] 7:57 pm: knowledge of self is the answer to all of the above
    [$$RICH$$] 7:57 pm: starting with #1. Healing Environment
    kemetkind rang the bell
    [info-moetry] 7:57 pm: if you don't know yourself you can't heal
    [info-moetry] 7:58 pm: if you don't know yourself you will compete
    [Lazarus] 7:58 pm: Elements needed in order to develop trust.
    [info-moetry] 7:58 pm: if you don't know yourself you will "take risks"
    [info-moetry] 7:58 pm: if you don't know yourself you will not have a high self
    [Lazarus] 7:59 pm: 1.Nomads
    3.Academics / Intellectuals
    [$$RICH$$] 8:00 pm: to Identify ourselves
    [Alkebulan] 8:01 pm: who is speaking?
    [Alkebulan] 8:01 pm: thank u
    [Alkebulan] 8:01 pm: thanx again
    [Alkebulan] 8:02 pm: good 2 meet u bro Kemitkind
    [kemetkind] 8:02 pm: yw brother Alkebulan
    [$$RICH$$] 8:02 pm: thankz brother kemetkind
    [Lazarus] 8:02 pm: medase pa, kemet for you comments
    [kemetkind] 8:03 pm: ty bro Laz
    [GrandHustle] 8:03 pm: #1 Healing Enviroment. What do you all feel this entails?
    kemetkind rang the bell
    [Alkebulan] 8:04 pm: well, i think 1 concern would b how 'safe' a person feels n a
    given environment
    [nibs] 8:04 pm: what needs to be healed?
    [Alkebulan] 8:05 pm: r these items posted n a thread on site?
    [$$RICH$$] 8:05 pm: yes brother alkebulan
    [info-moetry] 8:06 pm: right...........
    [Lazarus] 8:06 pm: good point
    [will-he-write] 8:06 pm: true
    info-moetry rang the bell
    [Lazarus] 8:06 pm: you have to "take your medicine" in a healing environment.
    [info-moetry] 8:06 pm: take your time
    [Lazarus] 8:06 pm: sometimes that medicine is bitter.
    [will-he-write] 8:07 pm: true Lazarus
    [info-moetry] 8:07 pm: sound is fuzzy
    [Lazarus] 8:07 pm: getting feedback
    [Lazarus] 8:07 pm: 2
    [Alkebulan] 8:07 pm: something happened 2 ur mic bro
    [info-moetry] 8:07 pm: 1
    [Lazarus] 8:07 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 8:07 pm: yes better
    [Alkebulan] 8:07 pm: better now
    [Lazarus] 8:08 pm: I think we may have missed some of your comments
    [will-he-write] 8:08 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 8:09 pm: right
    [Alkebulan] 8:10 pm: good input bro Kemitkind
    [Lazarus] 8:10 pm: BRB (refresh)
    [The Lounge]: Lazarus has left at 8:10 pm
    [The Lounge]: Lazarus has entered at 8:10 pm
    [will-he-write] 8:10 pm: wb
    [Lazarus] 8:10 pm: ty
    [$$RICH$$] 8:11 pm: wb Lazarus
    [Lazarus] 8:11 pm: 1
    [Alkebulan] 8:11 pm: wb Lazarus
    [GrandHustle] 8:11 pm: TY Brother Kemetkind
    [kemetkind] 8:11 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 8:11 pm: WB Lazarus
    [nibs] 8:11 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 8:11 pm: madase Pa
    [will-he-write] 8:11 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 8:11 pm: ty brothers
    [kemetkind] 8:12 pm: right brother info - you gotta trust that someone is giving
    you medicine for your own good
    [kemetkind] 8:12 pm: i agree with that
    [will-he-write] 8:12 pm: true
    [kemetkind] 8:13 pm: the onus is on the healer in that situation though
    [info-moetry] 8:13 pm: dis-eased
    [Lazarus] 8:14 pm: right
    [Alkebulan] 8:18 pm: sounds good
    [nibs] 8:18 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 8:18 pm: 4
    [GrandHustle] 8:18 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 8:18 pm: ty brother info - medase pa for your comments bro
    [info-moetry] 8:18 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 8:19 pm: good numbers
    [will-he-write] 8:19 pm: peace Alkebulan, Kemetkind GrandHustle
    [info-moetry] 8:21 pm: huh?
    [Alkebulan] 8:21 pm: thnax 4 those comments bro
    [kemetkind] 8:22 pm: medasa pa bro laz - ty for your comments
    [$$RICH$$] 8:22 pm: Thank u brother Lazarus
    [will-he-write] 8:22 pm: thank you bro
    [Lazarus] 8:22 pm: yw
    [oldsoul] 8:22 pm: ty Laz
    info-moetry rang the bell
    [GrandHustle] 8:22 pm: Ty Laz
    [oldsoul] 8:22 pm: 1
    [will-he-write] 8:22 pm: peace
    [kemetkind] 8:23 pm: laz can you pop the 4 points into the text again?
    [Lazarus] 8:23 pm: 1.Healing Environment
    2.Reduction of sense of competition
    3.Ability to take risks
    [youngblackceo] 8:23 pm: To truly develop trust in a people are nation. There
    has to be a system of reward and punishment implemented in the moral codes
    and beliefs systems of the people. That means that in order for a nation of men
    to truly develop the relationships they must have to advance their civilization.
    The men must have the power to reward and punish.
    [Alkebulan] 8:23 pm: i would like 2 hear from this group y they feel - f they do
    feel this - y there seems 2b so little TRUST b/t US (black brothers) n the black
    community these days
    [kemetkind] 8:24 pm: I agree with most of that CEO. Except that last sentence
    oldsoul rang the bell
    [kemetkind] 8:24 pm: the men cannot develop that power without the trust
    present first
    [Lazarus] 8:25 pm: I'm not sure where it was lost... but you can't deny it must be
    [Lazarus] 8:26 pm: Do you trust me, Brother Info?
    [Alkebulan] 8:26 pm: 1
    [nibs] 8:26 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 8:26 pm: 1
    [Lazarus] 8:26 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 8:26 pm: lot of our trust was lost through formal none action of
    teaching our children
    [will-he-write] 8:26 pm: we lost our trust when our objectives as a people
    became divided
    [$$RICH$$] 8:26 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 8:27 pm: You have given me no reason too ..................the first
    time I met you here in chat you tried to disrespect me!!
    [info-moetry] 8:27 pm: Don't make me call you out!!!!!!!
    [info-moetry] 8:27 pm: Yes we doooooooooooo brother oldsoul!
    [youngblackceo] 8:28 pm: the power comes from the relationships that the men
    must develop it has to be reinforced in the teachings and values in the culture
    that is where the power comes from. It all goes hand and hand.
    [Lazarus] 8:28 pm: here we go...
    [Alkebulan] 8:28 pm: commonality of goals & perceived similarityies play a role
    [will-he-write] 8:28 pm: you trust what you know
    [kemetkind] 8:29 pm: right - CEO, its all intertwined - I agree
    [info-moetry] 8:29 pm: right @oldsoul
    [GrandHustle] 8:29 pm: That trust is necessary. In those cited examples in order
    to acheive an objective. How does our trust factor play a role in our objective. I
    was scanning the forum today re-reading Brother's chat objective
    [kemetkind] 8:29 pm: they were all forced to trust each other
    [kemetkind] 8:30 pm: they had no choice
    [Lazarus] 8:30 pm: I trust you. Brother Info.
    [info-moetry] 8:30 pm: yes sir.....
    [info-moetry] 8:30 pm: yes sir
    [kemetkind] 8:30 pm: they had to trust eachother or perish
    [Lazarus] 8:31 pm: trust is given... not taken.
    [info-moetry] 8:31 pm: you have no reason not to trust me Lazurus, I have never
    done anything WRONG to you!!
    [nibs] 8:31 pm: we need to redevelop our own initiation rights into the family,
    manhood...etc; that's how the community provides the structure for the
    enviroment to develop that trust and understanding of our roles in family &
    [GrandHustle] 8:31 pm: Yes but if they choose to win then they are forced.
    (sports example)
    [nibs] 8:32 pm: right now people have to find their own way
    [will-he-write] 8:32 pm: Where does forgiveness fit into this?
    [$$RICH$$] 8:33 pm: trusting comes in from what i know what i see and what i
    learn, i trusted my fellow brother to have my back one way that trust was built
    was from being real true and honest
    [nibs] 8:33 pm: "rites"
    [info-moetry] 8:33 pm: forgiveness is always there, but the guilty party must
    admit that they are sick/wrong
    [kemetkind] 8:33 pm: good question will-he-write
    [info-moetry] 8:33 pm: and take their medicine!
    [info-moetry] 8:33 pm: [email protected]
    [nibs] 8:33 pm: sports teams, military...they provide their own environment to
    initiate and indoctrinate soldiers/players into their roles
    [$$RICH$$] 8:33 pm: I can forgive on the grounds that i forgive myself
    [nibs] 8:33 pm: they have that structure
    [will-he-write] 8:34 pm: We will not be able to trust until we can forgive starting
    with within the individual him/herself>
    [info-moetry] 8:34 pm: yes............
    [kemetkind] 8:34 pm: right nibs - same thing with the fraternal orgs
    [nibs] 8:34 pm: definitely, kemetkind
    KWABENA] 9:00 pm: People have Energies; they bring their "electrons" to your
    "protons" - you have to counter-act
    [HARRYX] 9:00 pm: sorry
    [Alkebulan] 9:01 pm: was it intentional?
    [HARRYX] 9:01 pm: that bell was in error
    [oldsoul] 9:01 pm: then lets back up to that... how do you feel he disrespected
    [$$RICH$$] 9:02 pm: i too been disrespected by many brothers but i also saw
    the need to show those brothers my loyal love and brotherhood to them as time
    permit we grew closer with understanding
    [kemetkind] 9:02 pm: dang - so this all backs up to a chick
    [will-he-write] 9:02 pm: In learning to trust one another we should keep in mind
    that we are human and subject to make mistakes so the continue to progress
    we must learn to forgive
    [kemetkind] 9:02 pm: lol
    [kemetkind] 9:02 pm: lol
    [oldsoul] 9:02 pm: stop it
    [$$RICH$$] 9:02 pm: it's where forgivenesss came in
    [HARRYX] 9:02 pm: so he only disrespected himself.
    [oldsoul] 9:03 pm: Lazarus, are you aware of this?
    [Lazarus] 9:03 pm: again, info... you'll have the last word. when you done
    indulging yourself... we can get back on topic.
    [HARRYX] 9:03 pm: dont empower his weakness or sense of need
    [$$RICH$$] 9:03 pm: true HarryX
    [HARRYX] 9:03 pm: for every jesus there is a judas
    [HARRYX] 9:04 pm: it happens, dont feed it
    [GrandHustle] 9:04 pm: Not speaking? Thats my idea. Everytime we speak we
    argue. So lets keep it like that. I trust thats best for our interactions.
    [KWABENA] 9:04 pm: Understood HarryX
    [kemetkind] 9:04 pm: so lets clarify your issues brother Info
    [HARRYX] 9:04 pm: true
    [HARRYX] 9:04 pm: you called him mentally
    [KWABENA] 9:05 pm: C'mon how - Where's the Bonding!
    [GrandHustle] 9:05 pm: I am the only one here with the intital G. And we havent
    been speaking no. Thats correct.
    [HARRYX] 9:05 pm: you did
    [KWABENA] 9:05 pm: c'mon now! (Corr.)
    [HARRYX] 9:05 pm: intent makes it all possible
    [$$RICH$$] 9:05 pm: we must talk and work out issues or differents
    [Lazarus] 9:05 pm: I have no issues for you Brother info
    [Lazarus] 9:06 pm: that's real...
    [smoothsoul] 9:06 pm: you can only respest and trust someone if you respect
    and trust your self brother info
    [KWABENA] 9:06 pm: Is this worth fighting over? I know you Brothas are much
    stronger than this!
    [nibs] 9:06 pm: we don't need to 100% agree, but we need to respect each
    other across the board. even when we can't build together, as long as we don't
    destroy it's all good.
    [GrandHustle] 9:06 pm: I have no issues with you.
    [oldsoul] 9:06 pm: Kwabena, this may be a good thing
    [kemetkind] 9:06 pm: agreed Nibs
    [HARRYX] 9:07 pm: build on the now
    [HARRYX] 9:07 pm: tabla rasa
    [KWABENA] 9:07 pm: What good is it doing? We are not moving anywhere
    [Lazarus] 9:07 pm: Brother Info, I thought we dealt with this over a year ago...
    [HARRYX] 9:08 pm: yes KWA u right
    [Lazarus] 9:08 pm: we busted it up.... had our words...
    [KWABENA] 9:08 pm: Laz...Please...
    [HARRYX] 9:08 pm: KIM
    [oldsoul] 9:08 pm: can we be truthful enough to admit when we dont "like" a
    brother, so that we can get to a point of respect for a brother?
    [Lazarus] 9:08 pm: and I left it there.
    [KWABENA] 9:08 pm: Where are the Men!
    [KWABENA] 9:09 pm: Where and when will this end?
    [Lazarus] 9:09 pm: I allowed you to disrespect me... call me a liar... kwk
    [Lazarus] 9:09 pm: I still want to build with you!
    [nibs] 9:09 pm: should lazarus or grandhustle step up, speak their mind so we
    can all move forward
    [oldsoul] 9:09 pm: 1
    [nibs] 9:09 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 9:09 pm: 1
    [KWABENA] 9:09 pm: Yes I hear you]
    [smoothsoul] 9:09 pm: 1
    Lazarus rang the bell
    [GrandHustle] 9:09 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 9:09 pm: can ya
    [KWABENA] 9:10 pm: We do not need anymore arguign
    [HARRYX] 9:10 pm: something things just dont mix well, oil and water, truth and
    lies, ausar and set,
    [KWABENA] 9:10 pm: arguing (Corr.)
    [nibs] 9:10 pm: lazarus rang the bell
    [KWABENA] 9:10 pm: I know, but I can't see it
    [KWABENA] 9:10 pm: Can we move on to something good?
    [kemetkind] 9:11 pm: point taken brother info
    [will-he-write] 9:11 pm: Do we have such passion to engage in confrontations
    with the ENEMY like we do with each other?
    [nibs] 9:11 pm: info: you're good, you spoke what's on your mind. i hear you. let
    lazarus speak his point of view
    [KWABENA] 9:11 pm: Please...Let us do it
    [HARRYX] 9:26 pm: good point k
    [will-he-write] 9:26 pm: peace
    [info-moetry] 9:27 pm: I asked for permission first......
    [info-moetry] 9:27 pm: & it was granted
    [Lazarus] 9:27 pm: it is OK with me... if it is over.
    [HARRYX] 9:28 pm: opportunity yes
    [info-moetry] 9:28 pm: I was tryin to do that b4 he got back on the mic..........
    [info-moetry] 9:28 pm: what I said was POSITIVE about LAZ, his response was
    [HARRYX] 9:29 pm: lol
    [nibs] 9:29 pm: my sound went out, refreshing...
    [Lazarus] 9:29 pm: it's crazy, right?
    [KWABENA] 9:29 pm: I'm thinking about it too - but we are too far behind to be
    wasting time like this!
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    [Alkebulan] 9:29 pm: 1 positive aspect that cld com out of this is, the practical
    aspect of how 2 continue 2 communicate w som bro's that we might hv issues
    with; what techniques can we employ 2 overcome?
    [HARRYX] 9:29 pm: lmao
    [Lazarus] 9:29 pm: LOL
    [info-moetry] 9:29 pm: right
    [$$RICH$$] 9:29 pm: wb nibs
    [Lazarus] 9:29 pm: this is real....
    [HARRYX] 9:29 pm: right
    [GrandHustle] 9:29 pm: WB nibs
    [Lazarus] 9:30 pm: and it is obstacles like this that we must overcome.
    [info-moetry] 9:30 pm: Kwabena, my apologies young brother..............please
    forgive me if you will!!
    [will-he-write] 9:30 pm: wb nibs
    [KWABENA] 9:30 pm: If Bro. Info broke into his house, that's one thing - but
    what someone says "over the net"...please...
    [HARRYX] 9:30 pm: redirect and focus'
    [HARRYX] 9:30 pm: yes
    [$$RICH$$] 9:30 pm: so true Lazarus
    [KWABENA] 9:30 pm: You're forgiven Bro - you Fellas are all I have (speaking
    of Brothas)
    [KWABENA] 9:31 pm: If I can not see my Elders together, then what message
    does that send to me and the other young fellas?
    [KWABENA] 9:32 pm: Frequent Communication Bro. kemetkind
    [nibs] 9:32 pm: i need to recycle
    [KWABENA] 9:32 pm: ...It yields to Togetherness
    [KWABENA] 9:32 pm: 1
    [Lazarus] 9:32 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 9:32 pm: 1
    [smoothsoul] 9:32 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 9:32 pm: you are right Kwabena.............
    [Lazarus] 9:32 pm: 1.Healing Environment
    2.Reduction of sense of competition
    3.Ability to take risks
    [will-he-write] 9:32 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 9:32 pm: 1
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    [The Lounge]: nibs has entered at 9:33 pm
    [$$RICH$$] 9:33 pm: wb kemetkind
    [kemetkind] 9:33 pm: looks like I got dropped
    [KWABENA] 9:33 pm: I was saying Bro. Kemetkind that Frequent
    Communication can/will build Trust
    [kemetkind] 9:33 pm: whats last thing ya'll heard
    [$$RICH$$] 9:33 pm: wb nibs
    [Lazarus] 9:33 pm: nah... you were in...
    nibs rang the bell
    [Lazarus] 9:33 pm: wb
    kemetkind rang the bell
    [KWABENA] 9:33 pm: That yields to Togetherness amongst each other
    [kemetkind] 9:34 pm: nibs your mic bro - go ahead
    [Alkebulan] 9:34 pm: where is the bell?
    [kemetkind] 9:34 pm: 1
    [Lazarus] 9:34 pm: 1
    [KWABENA] 9:34 pm: 1
    [will-he-write] 9:34 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 9:34 pm: 1
    [smoothsoul] 9:34 pm: 1
    [Alkebulan] 9:34 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 9:34 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 9:34 pm: to the right of the clear button
    [GrandHustle] 9:34 pm: 1
    [KWABENA] 9:34 pm: To the right of the Clear button Bro. Alkebulan
    [The Lounge]: Da Street So'ja has entered at 9:34 pm
    [info-moetry] 9:34 pm: peace nibs
    [Alkebulan] 9:35 pm: o k, thanx
    [kemetkind] 9:35 pm: welcome Da Street Soja
    [KWABENA] 9:35 pm: so'ja!
    [$$RICH$$] 9:35 pm: wb brother street
    [GrandHustle] 9:35 pm: WB Da Street So'ja
    [smoothsoul] 9:35 pm: peace Da Street Soja
    [Alkebulan] 9:35 pm: wb Da Street
    [HARRYX] 9:35 pm: yes, trust but verify
    [$$RICH$$] 9:35 pm: madase Pa brother
    [oldsoul] 9:35 pm: wb Da Street
    Lazarus rang the bell
    [kemetkind] 9:35 pm: ty brother nibs for your comments! medasa pa
    [nibs] 9:35 pm: 1
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:35 pm: 1
    [will-he-write] 9:35 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 9:36 pm: 1
    [KWABENA] 9:36 pm: Bro. Laz - I need your Website again before we go
    [kemetkind] 9:36 pm: that's what i'm talking about
    [smoothsoul] 9:36 pm:
    [Alkebulan] 9:36 pm: OUTSTANDING bro Laz - thnks 4 that
    [$$RICH$$] 9:37 pm: Thank you brother Lazarus man u showing what healing
    is all about
    [info-moetry] 9:37 pm: it's been behind me ..........
    [HARRYX] 9:37 pm: trust but verify
    [Alkebulan] 9:38 pm: netiquette any1?
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:39 pm: yo i want introduce myself
    [oldsoul] 9:39 pm: i've been away from the keyboard but i've been listening
    [KWABENA] 9:39 pm: You'll get a chance So'ja
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:39 pm: it's all peace
    [kemetkind] 9:39 pm: ring the bell Soja
    [info-moetry] 9:39 pm: peace So'ja
    Da Street So'ja rang the bell
    [nibs] 9:39 pm: 1
    [KWABENA] 9:39 pm: 1
    [HARRYX] 9:39 pm: peace
    [kemetkind] 9:40 pm: ty brother laz - medasa pa for that bro
    [KWABENA] 9:40 pm: You are heard
    [info-moetry] 9:40 pm: Brooklyn..............
    [Lazarus] 9:40 pm: 1
    [KWABENA] 9:40 pm: Oh wait - speak up a bit...
    [info-moetry] 9:40 pm: lol
    [$$RICH$$] 9:40 pm: 1
    [KWABENA] 9:40 pm: That's fine...
    [HARRYX] 9:40 pm: yeah u sound brooklyn
    [Alkebulan] 9:40 pm: speak ya peace bro
    [info-moetry] 9:40 pm: J-Z train to Marcy
    [will-he-write] 9:41 pm: peace
    [$$RICH$$] 9:41 pm: it's nice to have you brother street so'ja in brothers chat
    [Lazarus] 9:41 pm: 14 souls in the room. That's encouraging!
    [$$RICH$$] 9:41 pm: madase pa streets
    [info-moetry] 9:41 pm: all you have to do is holla , we'll hook up!
    [$$RICH$$] 9:42 pm: peace likewise brother so'ja
    [info-moetry] 9:42 pm: I'm often on Jamaica [email protected] different black events!~
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:42 pm: ok no doubt
    [kemetkind] 9:42 pm: ty bro Street Soja - medasa pa
    [KWABENA] 9:42 pm: What are we going to discuss now fellas?\
    [Alkebulan] 9:42 pm: man, that takes me back
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:42 pm: hit me [email protected]
    [kemetkind] 9:42 pm: any others have comments on trust?
    [KWABENA] 9:42 pm: We still gonna get on the topic/concept of Trust?
    [info-moetry] 9:43 pm: I got it
    kemetkind rang the bell
    [KWABENA] 9:43 pm: I'm a holla at you So'ja
    [$$RICH$$] 9:44 pm: building trust is truth with that will be risk i am willing to
    take to hold my brothers as one in honesty
    [Lazarus] 9:44 pm: early I texted... Things we will need to put our trust in.....
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:44 pm: no doubt
    [will-he-write] 9:44 pm: how do we trust our people?
    [Lazarus] 9:44 pm: ............
    1. identity
    2. leadership
    3. information
    [KWABENA] 9:44 pm: I mentioned Frequent Communication
    [$$RICH$$] 9:44 pm: post them again Lazarus
    [KWABENA] 9:44 pm: The closer we are to Our People, the better...
    info-moetry rang the bell
    Alkebulan rang the bell
    [$$RICH$$] 9:49 pm: i agree we need to step it up a notch on trust
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:49 pm: trust is to sacrifice
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:50 pm: peace
    [will-he-write] 9:50 pm: peace
    [kemetkind] 9:50 pm: 1
    [Alkebulan] 9:50 pm: thanx 4 those comments bro Kemetkind
    [nibs] 9:50 pm: 1
    [Alkebulan] 9:50 pm: 1
    [smoothsoul] 9:50 pm: what are our goals
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:50 pm: peace
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:50 pm: INFO!!
    [nibs] 9:51 pm: the goddess gave birth to the god
    [HARRYX] 9:51 pm: we god maifest
    [Lazarus] 9:51 pm: medase pa for your comments, bro kemetkind.
    [kemetkind] 9:51 pm: ty bro laz
    [oldsoul] 9:51 pm: medase pa kemetkind
    [KWABENA] 9:52 pm: medase pa = "I appreciate your presence" - Correct?
    [Lazarus] 9:52 pm: medase = appreciation
    [$$RICH$$] 9:52 pm: yes correct
    [KWABENA] 9:52 pm: (Don't Mind me; I'm only learning)
    [Lazarus] 9:52 pm: pa = male
    [oldsoul] 9:52 pm: right Kwabena
    [The Lounge]: HARRYX has left at 9:53 pm
    [Lazarus] 9:53 pm: medasi = apprecation towards a group
    [KWABENA] 9:53 pm: So it is a term a Bro. says to another Bro.
    [kemetkind] 9:53 pm: right brother Info - this is positive
    [KWABENA] 9:54 pm: Hang on Bro Laz - let me "takes my notes/write these
    [$$RICH$$] 9:54 pm: we can make a change and different which is one of the
    long term goals
    [kemetkind] 9:55 pm: do we trust that some level of planning can be done on the
    net here or not?
    [will-he-write] 9:55 pm: What is the formula for Trust?
    [Lazarus] 9:55 pm: you can use it like: medase pa (for being here/for your
    [$$RICH$$] 9:55 pm: yes
    [KWABENA] 9:55 pm: So when I leave here tonight, I will say "medase" or
    [kemetkind] 9:55 pm: right brother oldsoul is a tremendous resource
    [Lazarus] 9:56 pm: you can also use it: "praise and medase"
    [Lazarus] 9:56 pm: indeed. I was talking about our precious resource, Bro
    Oldsoul, the other day.
    [$$RICH$$] 9:56 pm: trust is also part of trusting self
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:57 pm: something today's women need to learn more humility
    [$$RICH$$] 9:57 pm: trust self in truth and u can trust another
    [GrandHustle] 9:57 pm: Observation, confirmation. 2step formular for Trust.
    Trust what you come to know. And trust you.
    [KWABENA] 9:57 pm: Bro Laz - How will I say "I appreciate your help teaching
    me Twi?"
    [will-he-write] 9:57 pm: What can we give our people when we leave here
    nibs rang the bell
    [KWABENA] 9:58 pm: So'ja - i'm sure the Sistahs are hitting on that in Sistah
    [$$RICH$$] 9:58 pm: right GrandH
    [Lazarus] 9:58 pm: you would just say.. "medase pa"....
    [kemetkind] 9:58 pm: alkebulan is next
    [will-he-write] 9:58 pm: peace
    [Da Street So'ja] 9:58 pm: peace
    [Alkebulan] 9:59 pm: is it my turn?
    [kemetkind] 9:59 pm: peace brother info - medasa pa for your comments
    [Alkebulan] 9:59 pm: how do i speak to the room?
    [KWABENA] 9:59 pm: (trying to remember how to say Thanks in Swahili)
    [kemetkind] 9:59 pm: click the Auto box
    [KWABENA] 9:59 pm: Ring the Bell
    [Lazarus] 9:59 pm: because "medase" is an example of "lost in translation"...
    meaning... "appreciation" is the only (English) word we know that comes close
    to it meaning.
    Lazarus] 10:19 pm: Alkebulan... my interest is piqued... regarding meritorious
    [oldsoul] 10:19 pm: cant speak right this minute, give me a few
    [kemetkind] 10:19 pm: me too, did a quick search and didn't see much
    [Alkebulan] 10:19 pm: i would luv 2 Xplain it n mor detail, but perhaps bro
    Oldsoul will elaborate. f not, i will text a little mor on it
    [smoothsoul] 10:20 pm:
    Willie Lynch Letter

    [smoothsoul] 10:20 pm: that is the letter
    [kemetkind] 10:20 pm: oh i see - snitching
    [kemetkind] 10:20 pm: lol
    [Alkebulan] 10:20 pm: this was 1 of the few methods open 2 black slaves to
    "earn" their freedom from yt ppl
    [Lazarus] 10:20 pm: is this where the "Willie Lynch Letter" was exposed as a
    [Lazarus] 10:21 pm: I think I read about that in Chief Elder's forum.
    [$$RICH$$] 10:21 pm: I see us moving forward brother Lazarus would u come
    and set the next agenda for us
    [Alkebulan] 10:21 pm: they would b rewarded 4 betrayal & deceoptions they
    perpetrated against their borthers
    [smoothsoul] 10:21 pm: http://www.*******************/wil.html
    [The Lounge]: kemetkind has left at 10:21 pm
    [Alkebulan] 10:21 pm: brothers - sorry
    [Lazarus] 10:22 pm: ok.
    Lazarus rang the bell
    oldsoul rang the bell
    [Lazarus] 10:22 pm: go ahead oldsoul
    [nibs] 10:22 pm: manu ampim on willie lynch:
    [nibs] 10:22 pm:

    [The Lounge]: kemetkind has entered at 10:23 pm
    [nibs] 10:23 pm:

    [HARRYX] 10:42 pm: its a total system tiered up and down many levels
    [GrandHustle] 10:42 pm: Why is that Laz?
    [HARRYX] 10:43 pm: exactly
    [Lazarus] 10:43 pm: I was doing to some reading and discovered that European
    map makers drawn the continent Africa on a smaller scale that is true reality....
    [HARRYX] 10:44 pm: right
    [HARRYX] 10:44 pm: in fact we are there now, just done differently, more to
    [The Lounge]: Alkebulan has left at 10:44 pm
    [nibs] 10:44 pm: they are building the infrastructure for a police state
    [Lazarus] 10:45 pm: yes!
    [HARRYX] 10:45 pm: building?? its built
    [Lazarus] 10:45 pm: Afrika is at the top!
    [nibs] 10:45 pm: the earth center always draw african upside down
    [nibs] 10:45 pm: lower kemet is "north"
    [HARRYX] 10:45 pm: yesss
    [Lazarus] 10:45 pm: OK... we may have been reading the same information.
    [HARRYX] 10:45 pm: correct....the nile flows from the south to north
    [will-he-write] 10:46 pm: interesting
    [Lazarus] 10:46 pm: right HarryX
    [HARRYX] 10:46 pm: euro centric white wash
    [HARRYX] 10:46 pm: lol
    [kemetkind] 10:46 pm: lol
    [Lazarus] 10:47 pm: Afrikans never believed it was flat... how ridiculous!
    [smoothsoul] 10:47 pm: i agree
    [kemetkind] 10:47 pm: lol
    [will-he-write] 10:47 pm: they children of their father the Devil
    [Lazarus] 10:47 pm: lol @ "hey mama"
    [GrandHustle] 10:47 pm: lol
    Lazarus rang the bell
    [oldsoul] 10:48 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 10:48 pm: will do brother oldsoul
    [will-he-write] 10:48 pm: thank you bro.
    [$$RICH$$] 10:48 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 10:49 pm: right
    [$$RICH$$] 10:49 pm: thank u brother Oldsoul madase Pa brother
    [GrandHustle] 10:49 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 10:49 pm: ty
    [oldsoul] 10:49 pm: medase pa
    [oldsoul] 10:49 pm: yes!
    [oldsoul] 10:50 pm: ****!
    [GrandHustle] 10:50 pm: lol
    [HARRYX] 10:50 pm: dang..
    [HARRYX] 10:50 pm: i never really thought it thru like that...
    [$$RICH$$] 10:50 pm: man.......
    [will-he-write] 10:51 pm: why didnt they tell us that in history class?
    [$$RICH$$] 10:51 pm: you can set the next agenda as well brother
    [smoothsoul] 10:51 pm: they would be enbarasses lol
    [HARRYX] 10:51 pm: big to him
    [HARRYX] 10:51 pm: lol
    [oldsoul] 10:51 pm: yes smooth
    $$RICH$$ rang the bell
    [GrandHustle] 10:53 pm: peace
    [oldsoul] 10:54 pm: ok kemet
    [smoothsoul] 10:54 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 10:54 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 10:54 pm: 1
    [will-he-write] 10:54 pm: i'm with that
    [Lazarus] 10:54 pm: 1
    [HARRYX] 10:54 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 10:54 pm: ty bro laz - medasa pa
    [will-he-write] 10:54 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 10:54 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 10:54 pm: ty laz, medase pa
    [will-he-write] 10:56 pm: yeah
    [The Lounge]: Alkebulan has entered at 10:56 pm
    [smoothsoul] 10:56 pm: we gotta trust each other and trust that we can make a
    [oldsoul] 10:56 pm: wb Alkebulan
    [GrandHustle] 10:57 pm: WB Alkebulan
    [will-he-write] 10:57 pm: We have to leave with something that we can give our
    people in our discussions
    [Alkebulan] 10:57 pm: thanx, i got disconnected
    [will-he-write] 10:57 pm: wb Alkebulan
    [Alkebulan] 10:57 pm: thanx Oldsoul, GrandHustle, will-he
    [oldsoul] 10:57 pm: to a degree, we are The Men of this cyber community, this
    global family
    [Alkebulan] 10:58 pm: good 2 hear from u Rich
    [HARRYX] 11:00 pm: yes
    [Alkebulan] 11:01 pm: does this discussion continue n a thread?
    [oldsoul] 11:02 pm: HarryX, where are you?
    [oldsoul] 11:02 pm: Alkebulan, where are you?
    [Alkebulan] 11:03 pm: born n Harlem hospital & grew up n harlem - but now i live
    n boringham, AL
    [HARRYX] 11:04 pm: oh my bad I was check out this other site
    [oldsoul] 11:04 pm: bombingham
    [Alkebulan] 11:04 pm: & ur doing us a gr8 service bro Rich - thanx u so much
    [HARRYX] 11:04 pm: Miami
    [HARRYX] 11:05 pm: born and raised washington heights
    [HARRYX] 11:05 pm: nyc
    [oldsoul] 11:05 pm: right
    kemetkind rang the bell
    [HARRYX] 11:05 pm: PEACE and LOVE
    [will-he-write] 11:05 pm: peace bro. rich
    [oldsoul] 11:07 pm: Big Ups $RICH$$
    [GrandHustle] 11:07 pm: TY RICH madase pa
    [$$RICH$$] 11:07 pm: Ty Brother in most humble
    [oldsoul] 11:07 pm: !!!!!!!!!
    [Alkebulan] 11:07 pm: i hv 1 of those jobs that com w a leash - they can yank it
    wheneva. but when i'm off, i will make it as long as my anachronistic pc holds up
    [HARRYX] 11:07 pm: yeah..i just recently came across this site, real glad to hear
    positivity and counciousness on a mass scale.
    [Lazarus] 11:08 pm: medase pa, Brother Rich...
    [HARRYX] 11:08 pm: i will be getting a mic soon and will do my best to partake
    as often as I can .
    [HARRYX] 11:08 pm: counciousness raising is addictive
    [$$RICH$$] 11:08 pm: thank u brother HarryX
    [Lazarus] 11:08 pm: that would be great HarryX... looking forward to hearing you.
    [will-he-write] 11:09 pm: good night brothers it was educational stay strong!!
    [HARRYX] 11:09 pm: no doubt and thank you for doing the work
    [oldsoul] 11:09 pm: Peace, medase pa all
    [smoothsoul] 11:09 pm: Medase pa, family!
    [GrandHustle] 11:09 pm: Peace Brothers madase pa!
    [kemetkind] 11:09 pm: peace brothers
    [HARRYX] 11:09 pm: peace
    [$$RICH$$] 11:09 pm: Madase Pa brothers
    [Lazarus] 11:09 pm: Praise and Medase, my Brothers.
    [$$RICH$$] 11:10 pm: peace & love in harmony

    As we continue to reach common solutions / build on trust and grow into a one
    whole as men , learning to let the past die as we give life to a future , brothers
    please discuss issues and goals to get us beyond this wall our foundation is
    coming together let us continue to discuss these things and set our next AGENDA
    or discussion for the up coming week .....Madase Pa brothers .........$$RICH$$
  3. $$RICH$$

    $$RICH$$ Lyon King Admin. STAFF

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    Mar 21, 2001
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    BUSINESS owner
    1. What can we do to bring a vow to trust in a more deeper way as black men
    that will somewhat show proof of our loyality ?

    2. What direction upon building not only trust but to network that will bring us
    a gain collectively ?

    3. If each man trust in him self can't he take the risk to trust his fellow brother
    beside him whereas he won't display doubts but know it's a risk and start where
    the first line of trust is built. ?

    4. Do trust have to be given or earned before you can accept to trust that person?
  4. kemetkind

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    Oct 8, 2005
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    Great session last night

    Medase Pa to all the brothers who came through last night and created a positive session...especially brothers Lazarus GrandHustle and Info-moetry who took a negative interaction and flipped it, demonstrating in real-time the power we have as brothers to not only change our mindset towards each other, but take real steps towards building the trust we've been denied.

    Medase Pa brothers.