Brother's Only Chat : Brothers Chat Summary 05/29/2007

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    1. Agreed to use only a small period of time in brother's chat on project discuss results only (~10 mins).

    Extended discussion and planning will be organized offline via email and yugma by those brothers working on projects.

    We will leave the time in brother's chat for building with each other. This should allow brothers who are not involved in the projects to benefit from the weekly open chat discussion.

    2. Agreed to seek feedback from others outside of brothers chat about our perceived effectiveness.

    We'll use that feedback to determine whether we should change our approach and focus on less projects at any one time.


    Prison Project: Status / decisions / next steps....will be taken offline to yugma

    Chess Project: Status / Decisions / next steps...Bro Laz will go ahead and post the training pdf. Kemetkind volunteered to help with tactics and end game and Lazarus will create content around openings. Future content creation and planning will be taken offline to yugma.

    IT Project: Scope discussion / next steps...Discussed the different goals/visions on the table currently....further planning will be taken offline to yugma.

    Video Documentaries...tabled...will be taken offline to yugma.

    Leadership series...Brothers manasia, Lazarus and kemetkind have committted to speak.

    Sign up here if interested in being a speaker or listener.

    Open Chat Session

    Bro Street Soja and Bro lilpea held it down on the mic.