Brother's Only Chat : Brothers Chat Agenda 03/13/2007

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    Agenda for session # 4, March 13, 2007

    The following is a high-level agenda which doesn't have to be followed to the "t", but can serve as a guideline to help maintain focus as we progress through our session.


    8:30 - 8:45: Warm-up, meet & greet, hang-out, music


    8:45 - 9:00: Purpose/mission restatement & refinement

    9:00 - 9:30: Project #1 brainstorm & task allocation...Online Chess

    9:30 - 9:45: Project #2 (queued) brainstorm...Prison Outreach program

    Build Session

    9:45-10:15: Discussion session for brothers chat weekly topic

    This week's topic...House Negroes vs. Field Negroes


    10:15-10:30: Session planning for next week, wrap-up, music
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    Session Summary


    1. We briefly talked about mission and brothers are encouraged to review the mission thread and post their comments as we progressively refine our purpose/goals

    Project #1 Chess

    1. Brothers agreed the initial project is intended to be small and low-risk so we will host it on an existing chess engine.

    We will organize and complete a tournament first, then tackle the more ambitious goal of creating our own platform for hosting chess matches later.

    2. Brothers agreed the initial format will be an individual competition tourney open to all members (sisters too).

    After the first tournament, a teams format or some other collective structure that allows us to share strategies & build unity will be considered.

    3. Brothers agreed the host site will be yahoo chess which can be found here: and going to the chess section (use your screenname if possible).

    The assignment this week is for brothers to get an account on yahoo and play some games to verify the host site works for everyone.

    4. Brothers agreed an interest sign-up thread will be started sometime this week allowing for a 2 week registration period.

    5. Brothers agreed the winning prize will be a gift certificate to a black bookstore.

    6. Brothers agreed matchups and scheduling will take place after sign-up.

    Project #2 Prison Outreach

    1. Brothers agreed one aspect of our outreach will be to identify black political prisoners, male and female, do a brief write-up on them on, and research contact information as the start of a letter writing campaign.

    Brother oldsoul advised on the importance of receiving mail while in prison, and of us identifying and recognizing who our political prisoners are.

    A thread will be created to keep track of who all is researching who so we don't step on each other.

    2. Brothers agreed another key aspect of our outreach will be writing letters and reaching out to our own individual family members who are locked up. Brother Lazarus pointed out our circle of influence should expand outwards first from our inner circle.

    A separate thread will be created tracking the brothers' outreach efforts to our own kinfolk.

    Discussion - House Negroes vs. Field Negroes

    We had a positive build session on this with good points brought up by several brothers on how to apply brothers malcolm's analogy in the context of todays society and how to consider other angles that weren't mentioned in malcolm's public speeches.

    Bro lilpea made some salient points about why some old folks don't talk as much about the past, and about the fact that there were many varieties of house and field negroes then and today.

    Brother oldsoul gave a nuanced view on who all is a "house negro" (i.e. living in America as black folk, that means all of us are in the "house"), and on what type of house negro we should strive to be for the benefit of our people.

    Brothers brought up the "The Spook Who Sat By the Door" as a recommended book and must-see DVD.

    Thank you to all the brothers for a great session! :D

    Brothers Action List for This Week:

    1) Go to, register and play some chess

    2) Go to mission thread HERE and put in your feedback on our mission/goals/purpose.

    3) Begin identifying black political prisoners to research and post your intentions to a thread here in Brothers chat forum
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    Thank you brother kemetkind Madase Pa