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    Brothers chat Tuesday night 8 PM ET

    Looking forward to our continue growth and brotherhooding as men as we come to terms in trusting.

    Originally Posted by $$RICH$$ we will continue the trust factor next week also as brother Lazarus said
    Question for everyone to answer......[B
    what do i need to trust you !?[/b]

    Originally Posted by Lazarus
    We've covered steps we can take to show ourselves worthy of each others trust. However, although you may be trustworthy. Am I trust-capable? I hope in the next session we can explore TRUST from this angle.
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    betwixt and between
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    kemetkind] 7:28 pm: wb brother Rich
    [kemetkind] 7:28 pm: medasa pa
    [$$RICH$$] 7:28 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 7:28 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 7:28 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 7:28 pm: madase Pa. brothers
    [GrandHustle] 7:28 pm: WB brother Laz
    [GrandHustle] 7:28 pm: WB brother RICH medasa pa
    [kemetkind] 7:30 pm: What do I need to Trust you?
    [kemetkind] 7:30 pm: that was the question from last week
    kemetkind rang the bell
    [$$RICH$$] 7:32 pm: Thank u brother and it's a very good guestion
    [$$RICH$$] 7:32 pm: q
    [Lazarus] 7:32 pm: indee
    [Lazarus] 7:33 pm: d
    [Lazarus] 7:36 pm: right, that's difficult
    [$$RICH$$] 7:36 pm: yes i agree
    [Lazarus] 7:37 pm: honoring of simple agreements
    [The Lounge]: Goddess IsIs333 has entered at 7:38 pm
    [The Lounge]: info-moetry has entered at 7:38 pm
    [kemetkind] 7:38 pm: welcome brother info
    [info-moetry] 7:38 pm: peace
    [info-moetry] 7:38 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 7:38 pm: Goddess you in brother's chat can you please leave
    and come back later
    [info-moetry] 7:39 pm: just simply be a brother.........."a real brother"
    [The Lounge]: Goddess IsIs333 has left at 7:39 pm
    [info-moetry] 7:40 pm: right........
    [The Lounge]: oldsoul has entered at 7:40 pm
    [info-moetry] 7:40 pm: peace Oldsoul
    [$$RICH$$] 7:40 pm: Madese Pa....Brother Info and oldsoul
    Lazarus rang the bell
    [oldsoul] 7:41 pm: hello all! madase pa
    [GrandHustle] 7:41 pm: WB brother OldSoul madase pa
    [$$RICH$$] 7:42 pm: Thank u brother Kemetkind
    [oldsoul] 7:42 pm: Lazarus!
    [Lazarus] 7:42 pm: What do I need in order to trust?
    [oldsoul] 7:42 pm: Kemetkind, that sounded good
    [kemetkind] 7:42 pm: ty brothers
    [Lazarus] 7:42 pm: 1. A Healing Environment
    [Lazarus] 7:43 pm: 2. Reduction of sense of competition
    [Lazarus] 7:44 pm: 3. Ability to take risks
    [Lazarus] 7:44 pm: 4. Self - Esteem
    $$RICH$$ rang the bell
    [kemetkind] 7:45 pm: thank you bro laz
    [Lazarus] 7:45 pm: yw
    [kemetkind] 7:45 pm: excellent points brother - lot to build on there
    [info-moetry] 7:47 pm: right..........
    [oldsoul] 7:47 pm: away from keyboard for a minute
    [info-moetry] 7:48 pm: that is "mental mathematics"
    [info-moetry] 7:52 pm:
    [kemetkind] 7:53 pm: yessir
    [Lazarus] 7:53 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 7:54 pm: the strongest force in the Universe is our Unity!!
    [oldsoul] 7:54 pm: back
    [info-moetry] 7:54 pm: lost sound........
    [oldsoul] 7:55 pm: me too
    [kemetkind] 7:55 pm: breaking
    [Lazarus] 7:55 pm: in and out
    [oldsoul] 7:55 pm: its back
    [GrandHustle] 7:55 pm: 1
    [info-moetry] 7:55 pm: 1
    [Lazarus] 7:55 pm: medase pa for sharing brother
    [info-moetry] 7:56 pm: nothing wrong with that, thats' true love........
    [info-moetry] 7:57 pm: no sound
    [info-moetry] 7:57 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 7:57 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 7:57 pm: 1
    [Lazarus] 7:57 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 7:58 pm: you're good
    [info-moetry] 8:02 pm: peace
    [oldsoul] 8:02 pm: powerful!
    [kemetkind] 8:02 pm: ty brother Rich
    [GrandHustle] 8:02 pm: peace
    oldsoul rang the bell
    [info-moetry] 8:02 pm: 1
    [Lazarus] 8:03 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 8:03 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 8:03 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 8:03 pm: 1
    [oldsoul] 8:05 pm: nomads
    [oldsoul] 8:05 pm: settlers
    [oldsoul] 8:06 pm: academics/intellectuals
    [oldsoul] 8:06 pm: artists
    [oldsoul] 8:07 pm: kinetics
    [oldsoul] 8:08 pm: merchants
    [Lazarus] 8:12 pm: so are you saying that ancestral tribal instincts effect trust...
    as in, nomads have trouble trusting artists?
    [Lazarus] 8:13 pm: ok
    [Lazarus] 8:13 pm: indeed they are!
    [info-moetry] 8:13 pm: Trust is a word not used by our ancestors.........
    [info-moetry] 8:14 pm: Nature......all things took their course!
    [info-moetry] 8:15 pm: right........
    [$$RICH$$] 8:15 pm: so with us not aware of what tribal settings we from
    can be the broken factor to what divide us ?
    [$$RICH$$] 8:17 pm: I believe from the way i am more from the Settlers
    [$$RICH$$] 8:20 pm: ok.....i see
    [kemetkind] 8:21 pm: so you are saying oldsoul that our knowledge of where we
    come from affects our ability to trust eachother?
    [kemetkind] 8:23 pm: right...understood
    [Lazarus] 8:23 pm: that was Bro kemet's point.
    [Lazarus] 8:29 pm: academic/merchant
    [oldsoul] 8:29 pm: academic/intellectual
    [oldsoul] 8:34 pm: 1
    [GrandHustle] 8:34 pm: 1
    [$$RICH$$] 8:34 pm: 1
    [kemetkind] 8:35 pm: i can't really pinpoint
    [kemetkind] 8:35 pm: i was going to say academic but I think merchant also,
    kinetic also
    [kemetkind] 8:36 pm: lol
    [kemetkind] 8:37 pm: not so much business for myself
    [kemetkind] 8:37 pm: i want to build
    [kemetkind] 8:37 pm: but it is a conflict often
    [$$RICH$$] 8:37 pm: i believe .......i'm more settler / intellectual but yet
    merchant type.

    These are things we are working with in the RED are the key focus points and like to hear brothers feedback
    on each one of brother Lazarus 4 points that might help us better understand.

    Oldsoul.....6 points is to better identify ourselves and moreso our goals within
    as these was broken into tribal modern day insights , what would better fit you
    from those 6. ?

    Madese Pa Brothers