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    While delving into the history of Jim Crow, I came across information of how our ancestors, just out of slavery, had joined together, and organized BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES, FRATERNAL ORDERS, BROTHER and SISTERHOODS of all kinds, so that they would be able to build housing for themselves, and schools for their babies, buy farmland for one another, and raise funds to bury their dead...

    These BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES and Men's and Women's clubs sustained our ancestors in an era when there was NO government safety net, and with the support of their communites, and their collective self-determination, our ancestors were able to build large insurance companies, like North Carolina Mutual in Durham, N.C... In time, however, a middle-class emerged from these early BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES, and clubs, and these would become the persons who pushed most the civil rights/integration agenda... They lost their focus of self-determination, because they wanted so badly to be accepted as equals by White America...

    Today we are in a position to do the same things by learning from what our ancestors achieved, and failed to achieve.... They laid a pretty successful blueprint for us, and would likely have brought us beyond equality to a place of SUPERIORITY had not they LOST THEIR FOCUS... We have so many incredibly powerful examples of COMMITTED African people organizing for the uplift of one another, including the great organzations that arose out of the 1950's and 1960's... We can learn from those groups a great deal:

    Just be committed
    Just be organized
    Just be quiet (don't show out with loud uniforms, with shades, and berets...)
    Just build, and be quiet, and build, and be quiet, and build, and build, and build without any fanfare...just build, and be committed to building, not impressing White Folks, nor other Black folks...
    Slip quietly under the radar of our oppressors, and their servants.... blend in like the Jews, who are everywhere in everthing in every county, smiling and laughing and, y'all know the rest...