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    betwixt and between
    Peace and Blessings,

    Now you know i love you, and love having you here. You also know that you're really not supposed to be here. I'm glad that you're here though, i really missed you and personally, always enjoyed you ... but you're beginning to do the same raggedy stuff that made us have to ban you last time.

    I've tried to overlook it, and it's really kinda easy for me to do, because i'm not in the thick of these discussions ... and it's other folk's responsibility to more closely monitor what's happening. But even with these facts, i'm here having to speak to you.

    Under the circumstances, you should get no chances ... but because we enjoy you so, you've received lots of chances!

    But this is not fair to the Family, Moderating TEAM, or our rules.

    I'm not going to bother (at this point) to highlight what could be considered supporting evidence, because it doesn't really matter. You aren't even due the same consideration as others, because you've been all through this process with us several times, and no one is guaranteed that over and over and over again.

    So ... i'm gonna ask you this one time ... to tone it down.

    Don't call folk out of their name. Don't be disrespectful.

    Don't accuse Mods or Admins of mistreating you, when you are, at every moment you're here, receiving preferential treatment from them. They know it's you, and could have insisted from the beginning, to ban you immediately ... but they haven't done that. They want you here too.

    I can't keep talking to you about this same kind of stuff, as we've been here many times before.

    So work with me ... okay?

    I want you to be able to remain. I like having you close by ... but ... not at any cost.

    We together? Just do it for me Brother Zacharius ... be good ... please?

    I won't be asking again.

    Thank You.