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    My Dear Beloved Brother mawusi, how elated I am to hear from you and to know that you are Well.

    Thank you my Brother for your Willingness to act Divinely and I will share your enthusiasm with all of my beloved friends for their edification, and maybe we can begin to put this Divine Spiritual Retreat into motion.

    Be Kind to your self

    Chief Elder

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    Peace with Love, Dear Beloved Brother Elder Osiris,

    I volunteer to participate in any discussion (either by email or conference call) about the design of a Spiritual Retreat and Oratory, that benefits the Afrikan Nature State of Self Determination and Relience, when such a Retreat takes place.... We can share strategies and practices that demonstrates care and comfort for ourselves and our families around the mind set of a Spiritual Nation... We must acknowledge and share those actions and recognize those people who accepted the responsibility, past and present, that brings good for Afrikans

    I am willing to participate and develop with you and / or others, who may body up to the discussion their desire and plans for a Spiritual Retreat to be held anywhere in the country we agree upon ....

    My phone number is the same.... 561.881.8298... Please let it be known I am willing to bring the spirit of love of and for Black Afrika and her descendants around the globe.

    I can offer West Palm Beach Florida as a location.... There are at lest 2 sites we could use for the outdoor portion of the Retreat.... There are other non financial resources here we could utilize such as the Joseph little Nguzo Saba Charter School space after classes...

    One site I offer is, an 80 year old Spiritually Active Mass Grave where 674 Nameless Decedents of Afrika are buried without identification or coffins.... a well lit large multi acre Field of Dreams; a clear few of the night sky, off site space for indoor meeting / teaching opportunities....

    The other is the serene naturally wooded, water fed hammock site of a Seminole Battle with Gen T. Jesup and Seminole Village durring the 2nd. Seminole War of 1838; complete with shell mound, and lush vegetation and scenery... (Now under attack by developers)

    From personnel practice I can testify.... Both sites are very spiritual and have meditaive healing qualities..... Especially between sun set and sunrise....

    Free The Mind, Free The Spirit, Free The Afrikan Nation State

    Brother Mawusi


    I now know and have corrected the problem emailing you.... Thanks to Brother IAMJAHLUL's help I saw the change yahoo makes in the email address boxes.... The emails I received from you come From: <> as the mail carrier.... But, when I clicked on Reply... The mail service switched to <> and was sending the reply back To: <> (which did not go through and was retrurned undeliverd).... In my eagerness to contact you I simply did not notice the subtle change in address... I apoloigize for my haste..


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    Date: Thursday, April 24, 2008, 6:52 PM

    My Beloved Brothers, IAMJAHLUL And MAWUS:

    Hail unto you strong Black Warriors, you who has demonstrated your Love for the Black world and is proud of Living In black, displaying a Mind that is Constantly elevating back to its original action of revelation, verifying that to Communicate With our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors, is Divinely Real, and the proof be the Divine testimony we are qualified to share with the Black World.

    Know beloved, I am in full submission to you and your Thoughts, concerning the Need of Black Folks Spiritual Redemption.

    My love is without question for you and all Black People, with the Mother Land being our crown of destination, with intent to reclaim our Divine Spirit, as well as our Mother and Father Land, Afrika.

    It is the Fool and religious believers who say that Afrika is not retrievable and the Divine Mind of Black Folks, is Dead, yet we that now experience the action of our Divine Spirit, know that the Black World can and must be Resurrected and Afrika must be for the Black Afrikans again.

    Beloved, Without The Commence Of A Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, The Black Nation Continue Its Journey Into An Evil Spiritual Oblivion

    Remain Strong and Alert My Brothers.

    Be kind To Your Self, the First Step In Getting To Know Thyself, a Sign Of Your Divine Ascension.


    Chief Elder
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    IAMJAHLUL <[email protected]> wrote:

    Note: forwarded message attached.

    "If we know the truth, we must tell it; if we don't, we must learn it!" It
    is critical to our spirit and mind.

    A Spirit in a man. Not a hu-man, nor person and/or property. Under the law's and jurisdiction of God.
    Copyright(c)2008 All Rights Reserved. All Liberties Actually Expressed.

    Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:45:44 -0700 (PDT)
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    Asante Sana Brother IAMJAHLUL;

    Thank you for accepting my intrusion with spiritful intentions.... I regret thou, that I cannot verify the email got threw to Chief Elder Osiris... I tried to reach him with 1 attempt each to: send by reply; To forward, and to compose a new email (= 3 attempts).... my emails to Chief Elder Osiris have not gone threw...... My emails came back each time as not delivered... Your's seems to have gotten threw on the first attempt....

    I verfified his email address and compared it to other emails he sent me and all seems correct... Still, they come back.... I am not sure he got my email????.... I will continue to try to send it to him until the problem is resolved.... Would you ask him if he got any of my messages.... and notifiy me of such???....

    This is not the first time I have been denied contact with him over the last week... Please forward him my respnse to your conversation with my regrets and difficulty in reaching him... Seems I have a one way connection from him and no access back to him over the internet...

    All things come and go to Truth.

    Free the Mind... Free the Spirit... Free the Afrikan Nation State

    Brother Mawusi...

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    Date: Thursday, April 24, 2008, 5:02 PM

    Beloveth Mawusi,

    your acknowledgment of our riding the communication frequencies of our Divine Spiritual Ancient Ancestor's from the dark of all space. Your presence we do acknowledge, and are joyful to know that their are many others of we that will welcome you. It is not us. IT IS the Divine Spirit that dwells within each of we. As Chief says, we reflect IT. Stay Focused & Alert.


    mawusi hazard <[email protected]> wrote:

    Beloved Brothers of The Same Spirit CHIEF ELDER OSIRI, IAMJUAHLUL,

    The movement of the celestial currents carry within it, the basic elemental truths and questions, of which you both speak and discuss. What drew me to your conversation was the thoughts and recognition of hue-man action as the form of Divine Creation, Divine Truths and the answer to my questions lay in Divine Intervention as the control and source of all change. Therefore, I must sensitize my awareness of how Divine Intervention flows.

    Truths are as real as our elders and peers standing on the shoulders of revered Ancestors. Truth in changes in atoms, or changes in the relationships of molecules and elements in space dust and natural things will manifest different combinations and products both useful and harmful. Changes that create super novas, comets, ecological environment disaters, will create changes in the behavior of animals and people. Spiritual consiousness harnessed powers can create the changes most commonly found in the flow of the universal winds that impacts the planet and the minds of those created in the image of Divine Creator... i.e. "An Idea that's time has come."

    Once I learned I am a product of Divine Inspiration, but not a in conflict with Divine Truth, I became more aware of the Divine Inspiration and its use in me,

    Truths, so small we challenge or over look the Truth as presented. Truth that is so large, some cannot accept the truth with 'all good intentions'; let alone witness the Truth, that cannot be recognized under the 'blind eyes of injustice, or 'faithful prayer,' or 'majority rule' practices. Other Truths, so large we compare them as mountains to mole hills or sand on a beach or number of stars in the sky, or an idea that's time has come." Truths found everywhere the same, yet practiced different from religion to religion, nation to nation, people to people.

    When Afrikans on the same spiritual current hook up, as I witness happening with you two energy pulsates Each recognizing the love and knowledge shared between you. sharing that causes significance things happen.... Because of your combined ancestral spirit influence, I am compelled to flow toward you both. As in season I am lead to grow more and to produce spiritual substance when I can.

    I offer to Chief Elder Osiris, my labor to access a place in Palm Beach County as a place at which we can hold such a "Retreat is essential to understanding the Divine.........(that) will come from the actual use of our own Divine Mind, which is why the Need of a Black Afrikan Retreat is essential to understanding the Divine Information ."

    I suggest creating an in gathering program someplace. Distributing a flier inviting Afrikans to come at Sundown to a spiritual program that goes into the night, with a open fire, an Afrikan Spiritual Service. We could also find meeting space for self determined strategy development and spiritual technique exploration

    I recommend an escorted visit to two (2) sites in Palm Beach County within 30 miles (1/2 hr) of each other where one can experience or practice Spiritual & Divine Re-connections.

    1). recent (work in progress) decorated 1928 Mass Grave of 674 Negro Dead, buried without coffins, identification or marker.... September 2008 is the 80th. Anniversary.... Programs are being planned.... (Google: Florida hurricane September 16 1928)....

    ; 2). The 1838 Loxahatchee Battlefield and Seminole Village site (now under attack for development)... (Google <river bend park pbc florida> or <Loxahatchee battlefield, 2nd Seminole war>

    I have been ebbing and flowing, as caught in a current of ancestral and peer connections emanating from Divine Creation. The image of the Divine Creator in the first of days, where my spirit dwells was void of light and I was created along that image. I enter to the spirit realm often when I close my eyes and become more at peace, as I shut out the world and connect to my roots.

    Free The Mind... Free The Spirit.... Free The Afrikan Nation State....

    Brother Mawusi

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    Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2008, 8:48 AM

    Beloved Brother IAMJAHLUL:

    Brother, you reveal a Mind that is in touch with your Divinity and your questions are much needed for answers, the kind that, as you have so wisely indicated, can not be reveal by the use of an Internet sound bite.

    So I will leave you with this my brother, which is, the Freedom and Liberation of Black Folks Mind, will not come from an act of Magic, Wanting, Hoping and Vain Change, it will come from the actual use of our own Divine Mind, which is why the Need of a Black Afrikan Retreat is essential to understanding the Divine Information I share, which you indicate that most of us do not Know, therefore can not Understand, which prevent us from having the Wisdom to get up off of our Behind and rescue our Black Selves.

    Brother, the answer to your Questions are Right before us, but we have neglected the obvious that is a part of us, and I will leave that statement for those of us, now coming to be Living In Black again and to Think About what that which I have shared with you Mean.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder

    IAMJAHLUL <[email protected]> wrote:

    Beloveth Chief,

    as I think of ways that we can unify, and liberate the minds of our families. The first question is, where is our power base ? Where is our armed forces ? Where are our schools ? Where are our sanctuaries ? How do we get to our rightful place on earth ?

    Where is the entertainment that enlightens, and free our spirits. Not at the touch of a remote control. The answer to these few question I am sure that many have. Where is the "mason dixon line."

    I am feeling that there will be Divine intervention that will uplift us. You know like energy from the dark energy in space that you spoke of. "Chief few know of the knowledge that you shared. To many are afraid of the dark. Did you get much response on that one. It may take awhile for that one to sink in. Way out where they've never been before in their minds. We thank you Chief for sharing the wisdom & teachings of our Divine Spiritual Ancient Ancestor.



    "If we know the truth, we must tell it; if we don't, we must learn it!" It
    is critical to our spirit and mind.

    A Spirit in a man. Not a hu-man, nor person and/or pr