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    Brother Sha'iyn,

    I moved your poem, "next level", to the Quiet Peaceful Flow Lounge because you had a total of 6 poems on the front page of the Get Your Flow On forum.
    It was previously mentioned to you within this thread: to please limit your poetry to 5 pieces on the front page of the Get Your Flow On poetry forum. I also provided you with this link: so that you could read the poetic rules of etiquette. I took it that you read my note regarding our poetic rules, since the next piece of poetry you posted at the time, Sun Cycle, was posted in the Black Chat forum instead. That piece was moved to the Quiet Peaceful Flow Lounge, since we don't post written poetry in the Black Chat forum.
    We have four forums for posting poetry:

    Get Your Flow On - No more than 5 pieces on the front page.
    Quiet Peaceful Flow Lounge - No more than 4 submissions per week.
    Critique and Workshop - Place your poetry here if you desire poetic critique
    Haiku Forum - This forum is for haiku, and other abbreviated poetic works similar to haiku.

    In the future, please be mindful of how many pieces you are posting, and where you are posting them.

    Thank you,
    Written and Spoken Word
    Moderation Team