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    Unemployment Busting The Mating Market?

    Zeets sounded like a teenager who just discovered his parents’ 1980s era VHS porn stash.

    “Dude, the women are coming out of the woodwork. I’m getting more than nibbles now. The fish are hooking themselves as soon as I drop the line in the water!”

    Zeets has been blowing up the internet dating niche for the past couple of months. Multiple dates per week, and women were reaching out to him, texting him constantly about times to meet and what he’s doing for the weekend. And all this in DC. It’s as if the heavens parted and ***** shone down on his head like a beam of light.

    “Why do you think that is? What’s changed this winter?”

    Zeets stroked his goatee like a young Zeus. “Well, I can tell you what I think is going on. Most of these women I’m seeing are unemployed. That’s a big change from just a year ago when they all had exciting and wonderful nonprofit jobs. Now all those precious nonprofits have dried up. Suddenly these women are out of work living in an expensive city. A lot of them don’t have two pennies to rub together because of grad school loans.”
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    lol, women place WAY too much of their "attraction" on a mans income or ability to generate one. I can understand it in the sense that he needs to be able to help in a family situation but like the article says a man doesn't care if a women is broke, unemployed with no car and living at home. We want a women for HER, not for things we could get for ourselves.

    Also women make the sexual attraction and want that a man has to her seem like a negative thing. We are SUPPOSED to be attracted to each other sexually, that's why men approach women. If we just wanted someone to hang out with and not do anything physical with we'd hang out with the fellas and even then we fist pound or hand shake more than some women want to touch at all.
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    betwixt and between
    Brother Rasembi Aunk ... i've edited your post above, removing most of the article, for it was in violation.

    I encourage you to read our rules - # 2, along with our mission and higher standard policies found in this forum.

    You must adhere to them all in order to remain with us.

    This will be your only warning.

    Much Love and Peace.