Black Poetry : Brother, please we need you

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    God does things in a way
    that you don't see the plan right away
    that you wonder why and how
    people were brought into your life
    God sent you to me
    you are the brother
    I always wanted
    the one who holds my hand
    pats my back and tells me
    My man's an ***
    with no ulterior motive
    and no strings attached
    the one who calls me on my ****
    and allows me to be deadass wrong
    without judging or saying
    you just **** your head and
    look with one eyebrow
    out the side - I already know
    the one who makes me laugh
    even when I want to cry
    the one who has held me down
    when I couldn't provide
    your praise is accepted and
    your promises come through
    and, no matter what
    I can always count on you
    the one who invited me into his home
    introduced me to his wife
    his daughter calls me godmother
    and she scatters notes throughout my house
    to read while smiling long after she leaves
    she is one of my greatest joys
    thank you for sharing her with me
    and when I cry, I don't stop the tears
    im never embarrassed in your sight
    we have shared important milestones
    which have marked us family for life
    so, during your soon to come worst days
    please remember to fight
    when you want to give up,
    please call me, let me know what you need
    let me take care of you like no one took care of me
    cuz better than anyone else, I know how hard this can be
    I know you should peel all fruit because the skin of an apple
    during chemotherapy tastes rancid and fails to digest
    and hurts like hell coming up.
    Let me be the one to flavor your water cuz
    everything you are gonna eat is gonna taste
    like a sock full of nickels
    Let me remind you to use baby shampoo
    and when your scalp starts tingling buy you Sorbeline lotion
    let me hard boil you eggs cuz meat tastes gross
    yet protein you need to keep you here with us
    let me keep a journal for you
    to tell all those you love when your in that mood
    Let me do something, because I feel like
    there is nothing I can do to make life better for you
    and you are getting better.
    Brother, please its not just me
    we all need you. From the boys
    to your wife, all four girls, your grandson,
    **** even those who you can't never count on
    is counting on you to get better,
    so please just give me that look
    the one where you roll one
    eyeball back and smile so big
    that the rest of the world feels at ease.
    there are so many tears being shed
    by members of this tribe we call family
    from separate homes spread everywhere
    because there have been a million times
    you have saved our fate
    You are a true brother
    Now, please warrior, save you.
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    the near north
    TRUE. everyone needs keep us keep us moving on.

    this be da real ****.