Black People : Brother Oldsoul and his class members

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    I wanted to apologize for making comments last night during class.

    I realize the class was being recorded and my Voice was not meant to be on there.

    I also realize that the points I wanted to make and the things I was thinking were not very clear as I felt pressured to speak in just under 1-2 minutes.

    I further sense that many of you all who follow Brother Oldsouls class want to "hear" him and not many people want to "hear" M.E.

    So my apologies and I will continue to probably stay away from that class because it brings up too much for me and I want to join in the conversation and speak.

    I have many years of being a "student" and, in a true "classroom" I've always been able to raise my hand and speak. This is a different forum/format for obtaining information, therefore, I will respectfully stay away