Brother Mumia Needs Us

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    As U well know, our brother Mumia Abu-Jamal has been wrongfully incarcerated and sentenced 2 death 4 decades.

    4 those not aware of the story, on Dec. 9, 1981, Brother Mumia saw his brother in an altercation with a police officer, he ran across the street 2 see what was going on, a few moments later, the cop was dead & brother Mumia had a bullet lodged next 2 his spine.

    Now the rest is what movies are made of...

    Concerning his trial, a few witnesses said they saw someone run from the scene, but brother Mumia was at the scene when police arrived.

    Also, one of prosecution's key witnesses was arrested several times after the shooting changed her story of what happened many times.

    One witness was issued a polygraph test and passed, saying that brother Mumia was not the shooter, but the Commonwealth never made it known 2 defense.

    Also, he was denied funds & information needed 2 obtain the experts needed , an investigator, photographer, ballistician, & a pathologist.

    He was denied the constitutional right 2 represent himself in court. When he was briefly able 2 represent himself, he requested that John Africa, the founder & leader of MOVE, stand in as back-up counsel, it was refused. The court made his court appointed attorney counsel, whom requested himself removed due 2 the differences between brother Mumia & himself, thereby not giving effective representation.

    He was removed several times from the courtroom during important portions of the hearing, including the choosing of jury & the direct & cross-examination of key "witnesses".

    Also, the police officer who remained with him until medical attention was beginning, who stated in a report that "the Negro did not make any comment", who was to stay in the state pending court, was somehow on vacation out of town when he was called upon, & the court would not recess until after the 4th of July holiday, when he would be back in town.

    All this, including much that I have left out, is cause 4 a new trial 4 the brother.

    We have 2 get more involved with our brother's chance 4 a new trial.

    This site will give U any more info U may need.



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