Black Poetry : Brother In A White House

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    Brother within a White House

    Hello Excuse me is this the White House?
    Yes Sir how can we be of help.
    First off you can start by cutting tax and giving a health system we all can afford
    Sir we do agree with the cause but due the ever on going effort of war paying tax will give us a better system we all can afford.
    But it never gets their and you always cut us off raw?
    Sir the money we gain never gets used in vain.
    So why are we still poor and Explain why our children’s brains are insane?
    Education starts at home sir, Your a parent and you know it.
    My child’s dyslexic studying through padded walls aint going to help his cause at all. When his under consent attack from the law.
    Sir, were not Jesus we can’t provide miracles we just create and enforce the law
    Don’t ever use the lords name in vain , why is our defense force budget bigger then Public education and by law its against the law , do you have a heart and understand fear at all ?.
    Sir by the sacred name of this country and all it stands for I’m going to have to ask you to leave unless you want to create a scene, treats are only created by terriosts.

    Even on this brothers skeptical thoughts of what happened on this day, he was not going to quit and give up a cause that could mean so much too many more. he tried penetrating the cooperate world from inside but it seemed like every time he became close to mangment and exposing fear it was like they had x ray vision and made his wall fall . So the brother decided to become a Youth and family worker and go back to the white house with hard obvious evidence to get changes made so we all can live tall and be proud and hear our own Indian Love call and he decided to do it next fall .

    Yes Sir may I be of help?
    You remember me?
    Not that I recall
    I called you cold and cruel for not listing to my cause. You made excuses and called me an exploiting child molesting terriost.
    Ohh I remember you, what can I do for you now?
    Don’t give me that look .I just thought I’d pop in and not being a Hypocrite like Emniem and give you this Cd in friendship and let it inspire your heart and maybe hopefully change yours and the presidents persecution of a hypocritical law .
    Why thank you, who is it?
    Please open it after I leave it’s an artist that’s known for being feared for speaking his mind and showing what’s really wrong with our beliefs and our Insides
    Thank you sir ill make sure the president gets it.

    As the brother walked out of the white house with a content smile on his face. After his set backs and kicks in the face his mission was complete he listened to the people and got noticed the only way brothers knew how to. Earlier that year the brother started a record label and signed Marilyn Manson to it.

    (sorry guys i know this one is kinda lame it was just something i was trying out . still under expermintal trial)
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    hot ish
    nice scribe
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    deep flow felt dis here keep dropping it