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    Brother Ifasehun ... it is good to see you in the community, welcome back.

    Thank you for sharing your web site, and the valuable information regarding African Traditional Religions. It is an honor to have it shared here.

    I did visit your web site, and like many years ago after visiting one of your sites, i'm in awe. Unfortunately, including a link to your site with every post you make (a signature), is a feature for Premium Members only.

    You are more than welcome, if you've not done so already, to add your site to our "Web Sites / Business / Technology Forum" along with a description, links, and whatever else you'd like the Family to know ... but "signatures / links to one's site in every post" is reserved for Premium Members only.

    In addition, if you'd like to become a Premium Member, we'd include a link to your site on the home page of the forum also. Doing this will give you the opportunity to take full advantage of all the traffic we generate here, as well as help support the community. I hope you'll consider it.

    It's okay to leave the links you've already added, just please don't continue doing this (without being a Premium Member).

    Much Love and Peace.