Brother Awo Dino - Violating Rule # 1

Discussion in 'Violators and Violations (Possible Ones)' started by awo dino, Apr 10, 2010.

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    carpenter, anthropologist, teacher. Right now I te
    in florida for now
    everyone hates a snitch
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    betwixt and between
    Brother Awo Dino ... this is not acceptable, and you are being suspended for 2 weeks, beginning right now.

    Our process allows for exactly what Brother Bientempo did, especially considering he has never violated our rules.

    He has every right to interact here without being disrespected, especially since he gives the very thing he is requesting of us, respectful dialogue.

    We owe him, and those like him, a respectful place to interact, and they will have it ... regardless of your or anyone's attempt at sabotaging that.

    There has always been this camp of people here, that feel they should not respect our process, not take part in it properly. Instead, they discourage others from helping us maintain our peace by suggesting those who use the process, are somehow less than men and women, by utilizing what has been put here for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Members that don't violate our rules, are the ones we want to hear from, not those who violate then run to us to tell on others.

    We've put years of thought, energy, trial and error into our process, and you can't be here discouraging Members from doing the very thing we need them to do.

    I find it interesting that you want to insinuate that Brother Bientempo is a snitch, when you've done the same thing, basically. The difference between his and yours, is that he was not violating the same rules, he was seeking assistance from us for, which we truly appreciate. You, when bringing another Member's violations to our attention, were simultaneously violating the same rules while so-called snitching on another. Imagine that.

    I guess, in your mind, it's okay for you to disrespect our process and those who use it properly, while you use it in any kind of wreckless manner you choose.

    Well ... that is not okay ... and if you decide to return after your 2 week suspension, you must respect our policies, or be permanently banned.

    Much Love and Peace.