Brothas, Would This Hurt?


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
My aunt was telling me about her three month old grandson. She said he has to get pretty cuz he can't get no uglier. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and there was this boy in our neighborhood who although he didn't look all that bad to me, but all the girls said he was ugly. I mean no one could mention his name without smaddy saying he was ugly. It seemed to bounce off him without any visible effect. But I wonder.

Makes me wonder does this hurt or is it a badge of honor? I know men are allowed to be a bit more, how shall I say, rough around the edges than women but does it do something to the self esteem of a young boy when girls call him ugly?

I know a guy who weighs about three hundred pounds and looks like the last thought I'd have just before committing suicide yet the girls flock around him like he's Dr. J or sumptin. So how can a man be ugly and sexy at the same ti?
you can be ugly and sexy at the same time ....just think the sexy pretty cute man
you see pose a cold heart show ugly ways and talk dirty and u see this no so good looking
guy with a beautiful heart warm smile and words so dearing ....well u have it
they both pose both

It would never bother me about how one see me because i always say the beauty is
in the eye of the beholder.....
i can't lie as a child I never thought I was the finest thing, lol. I was a fairly cute kid imo (certainly wasn't ugly, lol), but I couldn't start pulling til I was in highschool. Highschool is also when females started telling me I was cute.....but yeah it didn't bother me much as a kid, because my focus was on little kid things. But I couldn't imagine not looking like me....yeah that sounded conceded, but oh well, lol....................I guess if I thought I was ugly (in the eyes of many beholders) that I'd have to work that much harder on my game........


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