Black Poetry : Broken Pieces


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Mar 21, 2001
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Days of trial and tribulation are never pleasant ones
They are days where with one wishes that the day could be undone
If only I made this decision, or didn't make that mistake
If only I followed wisdom, could have saved myself some heartache
But there is a principle in life that for everyone holds true
Live long enough, we all must go through
Dark days in deep valleys through which we must press our way
'Till the time of our reckoning when ours is a brighter day
There once was a man name Paul, you know, Apostle Paul
Who once persecuted Gods people, then became Gods' man in divine call
Declaring Jesus Christ to all who had an open ear ...
With boldness and authority, without hesitation or fear
Though doing the work of God, declaring a risen Savior on the throne
In Pauls life, he had some broken pieces of his own
Thorns in his flesh which he felt made him deficient
But encouraged to thoughts otherwise when God told him "My grace is sufficient"

It was determined that Paul should be interned at Rome
To be inducted as a prisoner in his final days to a place he would call home
To sail to his prison by routes familiar to career voyagers of the sea
Sailing from Jeruselem, all the way to Italy
Preparations were made, sails set to catch the wind that was to blow
Ropes were wound, anchors were pulled, food and supplies were stowed
Prisoners loaded on a sea faring jail to face freedoms void
The ship was launched from its port, to the sea to be deployed
All went without a hitch, and accounted for was every man
The voyage went as scheduled, all was going according to plan
And for a few days, as the water would rise and dip
The wind seemed to have agreed with the ship
But there came a point in the voyage where for the sailors, things weren't merry
They had to alter course because the winds were becoming contrary
Determined to reach the Italian coast, headquaters of the Roman shore
With each and every prisoner accounted for

After a time of turbulance at the hands of a sea, now far from meek
It was impressed upon the Apostle Paul to speak
And tell of impending danger, with no agenda or decietful guise
Feeling in his spirit that the sea was not only a threat to ships cargo, but also a threat to the mens lives
Hearing the words of Paul, in all he had to say
The centurion over the prisoners took heed to the ships captain, and continued on their way
Based on the time of year, to the course they would hold fast
Figuring that whatever this disturbance was, that it would soon pass
But instead of getting better, the situation grew worse
To the shipmates, and the inmates, this voyage proved to be a curse
The weather started getting rough, the roman ship was tossed
If not for the fact that God had a plan, the whole crew would be lossed
A monster with the flesh of wind came bearing down strong
Moving the ship like a stick in a pond, its name was Euroclydon
In its howl and its noise, it did not bear down silently
With the help of the ocean waves, it beat on the ship violently

For better of for worse, to the situation, they were already committed
Euroclydon was a force to be reckoned with, they could do nothing but admit it
And in their own finiteness and strength, not to mention having a fearful heart
They did all that they could to keep the ship from falling apart
Fearing for their lives against a fierce wind not to be ignored
They attempted to lighten their load by throwing things overboard
Their situation was a desperate one, but some calm would be restored
When Paul would get up at the appropriate time and give a word from the Lord
You should have listened when I told you that things weren't quite right
You could have avoided Euroclydon in all its fierce might
But now I say to you don't worry about this, the storm you can't control
Not a man will be lossed on this trip, safe will be all,... every soul
For I have a destiny to fulfill; a mission to complete
I must be brought before Ceasar, and my final fate I must greet
For this is a part of the call on my life I can not skip
There shall be no loss of any man's life among you, but there will be loss to the ship

The boat was tossed about with every wave and every rift
Lulling about like a lifeless piece of wood in a drift
The combination of rain and wind came without a quench
Amidst the vomiting of the sea sick, and their fearful perspiration made for an unbearable stench
Abused and battered by an angry storm
The ship and its crew involved in a heart stopping drama to be performed
To be played out, armed with the assurance that no man would die, so they heard
Believing the voice of a prisoner that delivered Gods word
They saw a sign, amidst the storm, that let them know that they would make it though it
They saw an island, and they purposed to get closer to it
And as they came closer to the island, they heard a thrashing, crashing sound
The had come to a point to where the ship had ran aground
The ship was broken, and breaking up more and more
So close, but yet so far from the islands shore
And now decisions were to be made about what to do with the crew
For the Centurion who had to make this choice,.... what to do, what to do

Roman law and its dictates ...
Stated that prisoners were to be killed, so that none would escape
But the Centurion overlooked the dictates of the law
Reason being, there was a willingness to save the life of Paul
No longer was the ship seaworthy, its only purpose now ...
Was to be used for drift board, from its port, to starboard bow
The Centurion commanded the crew to make it to shore, so they could stay 'till the storm ceases
Those who can swim, swim,... the rest, make it on broken pieces
Though no mans life was lossed, the ship was destroyed
Proving once and again that Gods word does not return unto Him void
They made it to shore, each and every one, each with a story to tell
Some a little rattled, but none-the-less alive and well
The storm soon passed, and each man had his life
Greatful that they had made it through an uncontrolled crisis, and time of strife
By the grace of God, all hands made it to shore, though shaken, and mentally ladened
Hanging on to the broken pieces allowing them to float to a safe haven

Our lives follow a path, much like the path of a sailing ship
Subject to the same calms and storms as we take our trip
Moving forward to ports of call with the wind in our sail that blows
For some, the destination,... God only knows
Some stay closer to the shore and feels the winds brisk
Some venture further out into the deep, taking a greater risk
To all, our way is chartted, and a course is laid
Some follow the course of direction, while others, their decision is made
Indiscriminatly, rough weather bears down on us all
Dark clouds and stormy winds causes a gloomy shadow to fall
And for those closer to shore, they make it back before bearing the brunt
Of a potentially brutal and violent storm front
But for those who are out beyond the horizon, in the deep sea and open air
Catch the storm in its trechery, and in its fury, they must fare
And should they break up in the midst of their circumstance, and all goes wrong
The best thing they can do is grab a broken piece of the ship, and hold on

If in your life things have gone dreadfully wrong
Don't be so quick to throw away the broken pieces of your life, hold on
It is from this brokeness, and realization that we tire from such behavior
That brings us to a peace with ourselves, and more impotantly, with God our Savior
Don't be so quick do ditch your trials, be it many, or be it few
For in this life, at one time or another, we all must go through
Hold on the the broken past, and ill gotten experience
Hold on long enough to ride the broken pieces to the shores of your deliverance
And so that the haven of your deliverance isn't lonely
Use those broken pieces, and give a testimony
For I'm sure Paul and all of his shipmates made good,...
With the broken pieces of their ship, gave a testimony, and used it for firewood
Lets not be so quick to forget the storms and perills that come our way
Rather, give thanks to God for giving us strenth and guidance, and be thankful for today
And live life, for it has been given for us to live, in lifes new leases
And be thankful unto God, for the broken pieces

Written by: K. Charles
(c) 2000


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