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Apr 6, 2013
Hello! I am Brittany Malachi and, instead of introducing myself, I will let my poetry do the talking....

A Diamond In The Rough

From the moment I saw you

You had my mind

You introduced me to a dance

Of a new kind

I never knew

I would feel your touch

Get lost in your soul,

Tender kisses and such

I never thought

I could feel such pain

That would alter the chemistry

Of my analytical brain

From a phoenix’s rising

To a withering rose

A moment in your presence

Kept me off my toes

Insecurities present


No longer pleasant

But love rooted its unexpected head

And sooner than later

I was left for dead

I wanted to hate you

But knew I couldn’t

Everyone wanted me to

But I knew I wouldn’t

They called you a dog

But I saw your beauty

I defended you

As if it was my duty

But you didn’t care

I saw your pain

And because I caused it

I started to go insane

I didn’t know what I had lost

I didn’t know until I paid the cost

That you were all I ever wanted

That you were all I ever needed


Failure was not an option

But failure was my adoption

When I realized the error of my ways

The ending of my days

Knowing the one who had my heart

Would be the one to rip it apart

But God knew better

He let me know in His love letter

That even though

You didn’t feel the same

It was okay

For the love to remain

So, for your sake

I hope you take

These words as closure

And for your sake

I hope you make

A different exposure

Releasing all the hate

And embracing the peace

Ending all the pain

And letting it cease

But if you’re not ready

I totally understand

If it helps to never see me

Then, I honor your command

Though it hurts,

I’ll move on

And if it makes you better

Then, I’ll be gone

Just know

I would have given you the world

Just to be

Your one and only girl

The woman in your life

That wouldn’t give you strife

But one hundredfold

Of things untold

For what it’s worth

I would have given you heaven on earth

Who knows what could have been

Had we not fallen into sin

Not the intimate moments

God knows

I don’t regret those

But the moment we turned on each other

Becoming enemies

Making beautiful moments

Tainted memories

But, now,

As God revives and prunes

He has me dancing to

A new set of tunes

One day,

You’ll find yourself thinking of me

One day,

You will finally see

That when Christ pursued you

He came like a man pursuing His bride

He wanted to give you a diamond

But had to test your pride

He gave you one

In platinum setting

And you did things

You were later regretting

But the Savior decided

To give you another chance

To give you another shot

At love’s romance

He decided to test you

Another diamond he revealed

To restore your faith

And allow your spirit to be healed

He found one in the rough

Put it under pressure

Had to see if you could love it

Beyond measure

But you rejected it

You were ashamed

You didn’t even want it

Associated with your name

So He sent it off

To get refined

Trusting the Jeweler

With all assigned

As He continued to pursue you

You sought out other stones

Committed to the Savior

Knowing He would never leave you alone

You found you one

Though not what He desired

He gave it to you

Because you were inspired

You wore it faithfully

Showing it off to all to see

You were so happy

You forgot all about me

You forgot all about

That diamond in the rough

But the Savior kept me

Though it was tough

Oh, but it won’t be long

Before you see me again

In reverence of my beauty

And all I have within

You will be in awe

Of my finished state

You will find yourself

Wishing to be my mate

You will see how I shine

In God’s light

You will wish you were mine

In the wee hours of the night

For I know too well

These things I tell

For you are a diamond

My diamond

A diamond in the rough

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
Whew! Welcome BrittanyMalachi, and we still don't know much about you, except that you can write and as such, very verbosely. But please, enjoy your stay with us.

Peace In,

Hello! I am Brittany Malachi and, instead of introducing myself, I will let my poetry do the talking....

Jan 22, 2001
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:hello: BrittanyMalachi ... Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

Thanks for joining us and sharing! Beautiful Poetry Sster !!! Bravo !!! :toast: :toast: :toast:

It appears that we are the ones blessed with the DIAMOND that is you !!!! :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:


Please make yourself right at home!

Much Love and Peace.



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