Black People : Briton accused of planning honeymoon murder

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    A South African state prosecutor has accused a Briton of planning the murder of his wife during their honeymoon in Cape Town last month

    State prosecutor Rodney de Kock told the Western Cape High Court that taxi driver Zola Tongo, arrested after the murder, was allegedly offered 15,000 rand (£1,300) by businessman Shrien Dewani as part of a plot to kill his wife Anni, who was a Swedish national living in Britain.

    "The deceased was murdered at the instance of her husband," de Kock said in reading out a plea bargain agreement in which Tongo pleaded guilty to murder. He was sentenced to an effective 18 years in prison.

    Dewani, who is in Briton, was not immediately available to comment on the accusation by the prosecutor.

    The court heard that Dewani approached Tongo shortly after arriving in South Africa and helped mastermind the murder.

    "The alleged hijacking was in fact not a hijacking, but part of a plan of subterfuge which the husband of the deceased and I designed to conceal the true facts," De Kock said, reading from Tongo's plea bargain.

    Anni Dewani was found dead after she and her husband Shrien were hijacked in Gugulethu township - a high crime area about 15 miles from Cape Town's city centre. She died of a single gunshot wound to the neck.