Black People : Britain's 'Daily Mail' Reports on Russian Attack on British Empire Nazi Links

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    Prince Charles has finally done one good thing. His remark falsely comparing Putin to Hitler has
    unleashed an attack from Russia, which has generally refused to criticize the British Empire, on Prince
    Charles and the Royal Family, which is apparently finding resonance in Britain itself.

    The May 22 issue of the Daily MailOnLine runs a story entitled "Kremlin Launches
    Extraordinary New Attack on Prince Charles Accusing Him of 'Historical Ignorance.'"

    The Daily Mail reproduces in full the graphics displayed in a Russia Today broadcast which
    documents the Royal Family's own links to the Nazis. In the broadcast senior political correspondent
    Anissa Naouai tells viewers: "If anyone knows real Nazis, it's the Royal family."

    As the Daily Mail reports, she introduces a video graphic of a royal family tree, featuring Queen
    Elizabeth II, Edward VIII, Charles and Prince Harry. She first points to a photograph of the Duke of
    Windsor - Charles's great uncle - visiting Hitler at his Obersatzberg retreat in 1937, shortly after
    abdicating as Edward VIII. She adds that his wife, Wallis Simpson, "hung out with Hitler." She goes
    on to note that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh's sister, Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark
    was married to an SS officer, although the Mail cuts the famous photo of Philip marching with his
    Nazi-uniformed brothers-in-law in the funeral cortege of another sister, Cecile; and ends showing the
    photo of Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform to a Halloween costume party in 2005.

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    Britain's 'Daily Mail' Reports on Russian Attack on British Empire Nazi Links
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