Black Poetry : Bring to Us Peace ( GOD ) Dear Santa


Jul 2, 2003
Dear Santa ( GOD )​

I am just a little one here in this great big world.
You know me when I’m sleeping.

You know when I’m awake.
You know when I‘ve been bad or good, so I’ll be good for goodness sake.

For hundreds of years Dear Santa.
You have seen all things. Good and Bad.

Today those things still exist. Why?

Oh Why Dear Santa have you let them continue to prosper.

My grandmother told me of the bad things of a hundred years ago.
My mother told me of bad things when I was born.
Things I needed to know.

My father shared the things I need to make it the best I can.

But, Santa I’m just a little one in this great big vast green land.
History books have been written.

That tells me of old times.
I read the notes, of war and peace and of those years and time.

It has been bloody Dear Santa.
So much blood, sickness, disease and death.

Are you not the peace bringer?
I do believe you are.

Bringing love and compassion across the world.
But, there are those that overtake the peace, and keeps the blood flowing.

I speak to you now Dear Santa.
Today we have weapons of mass destruction.
Threats of terrorism an invisible thing.

It’s hard to fight an invisible thing;
it’s like the war on drugs or the fight against crime.

The guilty are so elusive.
Were looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Weapons in a far away land.
We invaded it to take the leader and show who we were.
It has many folds to this thing Santa.

One of us needed to make a point that cowboys always get their man,
and in the process it was a good thing for all his friends to support him,
because there is the land, the worlds second largest oil reserve,
and a chance to kill some people along the way.

Santa, I know I’m not the only one writing you.
I know I’m not the only one asking you to bring peace to us, for Christmas.

Every day, is your day, Santa.

Here is what I’m concerned about.
The things I want to share.
They still exist on this earth.
Out of my sight, but not out of my knowledge.


It existed on my family just over a hundred years ago.
It exists in Brazil today, and places that you know.
It does exist in Africa in South America too.

In corners basements alleys and homes of this land of red, white and blue.
It’s cloaked in other ways but the men they know what they do.

We can’t spend time with family, because we are busy doing other things.
It’s stealing our relationships and killing all good men.

Were caught up turning twisting in a funnel of deaf and dumb.
They keep us unfocused and steal out rights so we shall never over come.

Dear Santa stop the slavery first.


Some of it is created.
In weapons made by men.

They start these labs for science and turn things made against men.

They told us it was for science, but they do things behind closed doors.

Weapons of Mass Destruction now are the cry we hear at our doors.

Roll call. Sarin, Anthrax, Bubonic plague.
Cancer from the water, the sun is killing the rest.


It comes for less than a dime.
A bullet cost. Another life lost.

The gun maker’s crime.

The war on terrorism has made the world a more dangerous place.
It’s wrecking our economy and it can be found almost any place.
He could serialize the casings, and tell who bought and sold.

But votes from man, controls the hand of murder and our fate.


Look at your land.

It dry and desolate and change is in our hands.
Yet we do nothing to solve it, to help those in need and strife.

It’s handy for the murderer.
To end another life.

Yet we see and turn away, because it isn’t us.

We make no comment, point it out or we don't do anything to help the earth.
We don’t deserve your vast land.
Take it back wave your hand and change the common man.


It comes in many forms.
Me on him, him on me.

It seems to have no end.
Now the world is focused on it.

It is elusive and doesn’t exist.
It’s a mind set, made up among men.
It is killing all the best.

Drop some bombs from the technology we make.
To prove a point or two.
That we are strong, and will fight all night long.
To prove we more powerful than you.

Dear Santa. It goes on and on you know what the problems are.
Come quick, stop the fit, we have placed on each woman and man.
Touch the hearts and minds of those and attitudes need a change.

Bring us peace Dear Santa.
I pray to you today.

I’m just a little one in this great big world.
Of the above list and pain.

This is your world, and our sprits yours. To change, to guide and claim.
What I wanted to say as already been said. I must say that this whole piece took me to a different place. I think the title is really nice. At first when I was reading it, i couldnt get into it because of how it was structured. It was like everything was jammed up together. But It keep gettin realer and realer. Then slowly the form took place. It was like a breath of fresh air...long awaited. Incredible piece

one luv


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