Black Short Stories : Bribery part one......

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    You got fifty seconds to get downstairs and unlock this door. (San) who, who is this? I don't open my door for no stranger. (Terry) Open the door I got a big package for you. (San) package what package? I don't remember ordering anything look I don't open the door for strangers. (Terry) by my watch your time is winding down 10,9,8,7 (she is running down the steps to avoid any trouble)6,5,4,3,2, and one she open the door. The man rushed in pushing her back she gave out of yelp. The weight of this man was so much that her footing was shaky. They both ended up on the couch putting his weight on her, he parted her legs. So strong, she fought with all her might, but still he thrust his hand up her skirt. She squirmed, and squirmed the more she squirmed the more aggressive he was. He was excited, and so consumed with lust he forcefully put his tongue in her mouth. He held her down kissing her neck, her breast. (Terry) give yourself to me. Fight me all you want I will put it on you more. Stroking her with his every being all she could do was relax her muscles. Stroking her thighs she let out a soft moan, and let this intruder have his way with her. Ater a good hour of love making he asked her a question. (Terry) how was your day baby? (San) it was fine baby, baby just fine. Oh your performance was on point baby I don't smoke, but this deserves a cigarette moment.

    (Terry) Baby let's go get in the shower, and start round two.

    To be continued....