Black Poetry : Breath You In


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May 15, 2001
Workin for the man in Corp America
Because when you smile and your eyes light up, I am blinded by your angelic face drawing me in closer to your radiance so that I can breath you in and hold you inside like spring air in fields of flowers and I gaze like laying in that meadow of flowers and watching the clouds float by and my mind pondering . . .how can she make me so happy? And a smile scrolls across my face as I gaze and think . . .oh that’s how. . .its just a natural genuine feel good that I can't control, explain, and even ponder to the depths of mine own knowledge. I do know she is you and you bring me to this place of serenity so often and . . .this feels way too good to be wrong. Come closer so I can breath you in.:p


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