Black Women : Breaking The Black Code

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    Breaking The Black Code

    I am astonished at my brothers and sisters,
    Who speak the words of liberation, hiding behind
    The black code, why is it so hard to accept who we are?
    Many of us can write the words of our ancestors, but who are
    those who live by the scripts of God? living in a tunnel vise
    Mind, jealousy, hate, discrimination of self,
    in securities, multiform of
    Division in who and what we have
    became as a people.
    Pimping Ministers, Rev., and many
    who hide behind the holy cloth,
    the devil masqurading behind
    black mask;
    nevertheless the black code
    of silence.

    Look at the reality and come from behind the dark
    closest crying, sanctions of truth, oh how
    dare we say negative things about black people,
    many hide behind the proclamation of blackness,
    when we execute the bonding of unity.
    what is there to hide when ;
    the dirty laundry speaks for it self,
    all people and nations, living under satins
    authority, when will we break this silence code;

    And get up off our behinds and act like a people.
    What was so devastating to us as a people,
    when our back yard stinks? Truth shall not
    render to our cries of lies and defamations.

    Our babies crying out loud, black women are bitc—and whores,
    Children raisin parents, and fatherless children without parents.
    Brothers crying black women the project rejects, what dose it take
    To come from behind the backyard doors,
    we as people are still throwing dirty water;
    out the back door for the slave master;
    who we said we hate more.

    The problem we face as black people, our young who act like
    Whores without conscious, of who and what they are.
    Wonder who they learned it from, if it wasn't mom.

    I blame the mother’s who dress their daughters as common whores,
    Giving their children the impressions that sex is the ultimate source of man.
    Crack addicted, drug dealing, welfare cloning, and destructive
    Parents who don’t give a dam, embracing them as they break all the laws.
    Listen as our young black men prosper as they scream our name.

    Down with the dirty whores, there’s no silence to tears,
    Our babies repeat the lyrics as mothers buy it for them to learn.
    From the ages to 3 to 18 singing the lyrics but can’t read are write.
    Embracing labels living through the Jones eyes, and can’t pay there rent.
    Never understanding the words holy, mama baby daddy
    maybe, and we wonder, hiding behind the back doors,
    scared to say anything, our black men, know they
    strength, don't confuse, the boy with the man;

    Hiding behind the cloak of a black code,
    black people don’t stick together,
    We are the moist racist people to one another.
    Jealousy, envy, hate, self hate, manipulation,
    there is no respect; its how you keep your house
    clean, sister must understand, it always come
    back to women, this is not an attack, on
    women, but to inform our sisters, how
    important we are in our men life.

    Truth is not to impress, but keeping it real.
    believe it, are deny it, the honor of black
    women is fading out, keep your heads
    below your legs and believe me
    the culture of the black future,
    is own its way out;
    many who hide
    Behind the black code, what effects one don’t effect another.
    So who and what is a future without our children.
    Sex the ultimate discussions of many black women,
    What role do we as women play,
    in bringing strength to our black young women?

    What have we given to our community, transformations ;
    what it takes to be a strong black woman, nevertheless
    many young black men; are being raised
    by single mothers, what have
    we contributed in encouraging;
    and bonding with father, to teach
    responsibility, and what it takes
    to be a strong black man.
    Keeping it real, truth will not be silence;

    Are we so involve in smoking ganja,
    hanging out, competing with the Jones,
    And writing scripts, that we don’t identify with.
    to be a strong black woman warrior?

    Do we really give a dam, about our children’s future?
    do our brothers really
    Care about the toxins that flow in
    many of our young sisters minds.
    Many sisters as brother's fail to
    realize, the stages of life come's
    back from mother, the words
    was whispered in a brothers ear,
    from the time of birth, women is
    the foundation which reality has
    no back door.

    Many sisters will sell there souls,
    just to be notice by a black brother.
    many times she will cut another
    sisters throat, if she is a black warrior.

    I don’t blame our children I blame the
    parents who don’t give a dam, only thinking
    of their selves, children locked
    up in concentration camps, a sell out for crack.
    Keep it real, there’s no unity within the black community.

    Where are the mentors in the urban community?
    Where are the mentors for black young men?
    Nevertheless you can find many parole offices
    Dictating there future after the damage Is done.
    Leaders who don’t know how to lead, many
    Hung up in impressing others who and what they are.
    If they really gave a dam, they would worry about
    The future of young black men and women; the legacies
    Of the future, if we don’t make a stand;
    genocide shall claim the victory
    Of our children and future.

    Single mothers it is not a mystery the obligations that we
    Have as the universe, black women to get our house
    In order, understanding that our lives are no longer
    Ours until our children are grown, the seed you sow;
    Will be the seed you know.

    Nevertheless it takes two to make a baby, but If the daddy is
    Not there, we the black women, must make up for it.
    Not excusing spineless men, who walk off and leave there children;
    But mothers of the universe, to be careful in who, and what we
    Lay down with, the reason I focus on black women, is
    Because we are the one’s who have to sometimes fulfill
    For our mistakes, in choosing who and what a good man is.

    Many black women have tried to save face for many un worthy boys;
    Who come in the face off our black men, our black men do not need to
    To be saved by the black women, it’s the boys you have to worry about, saving your self, black men do not need a black woman’s pity.

    The black man who has dropped his seed, and sit back;
    Like he is a King, and laughs how he putt
    the black woman down, break the black code;
    sisters and brothers, we cannot
    close our eyes to truth, our culture is dying,
    Our young brothers and sisters have
    no respect for black pride, they are worse
    Than the slave master. The roots are deeply
    implanted, don’t listen to those voices in your
    head, if they don’t sound black, believe me it’s
    the slave master’s
    Syndromes, you are under a hypnotic trans;
    if it dose not follow under
    The proclamation of unity; many of our
    your brothers sing the ebony
    Anthem, black woman you are a *****,
    a back yard whore, a notch in his belt.
    Genocide within our family tree.

    What about the black men who have become
    famous as well as black women, what have
    they given back to the communities;
    They become the tom tom in a white
    mask, and who really listens
    To our leaders, who try to bring unity
    across, following the Jones.

    Our children support black and white establishments;
    we give money to those, who cry out loud,
    the black women is a dirty whore,

    Sisters who live within a mind set,
    that she is better than the next sister,
    trying to impress a brother, have we
    become so starve for attention
    We forget about our obligations to our people.

    Brothers who hate black sisters,
    Sisters who hate sisters;
    Sister’s who hate brothers;
    Women who due women;
    Men who due men:
    Hating the symbolic image they represent
    But trying imitate one another.
    The mind set, trying to be the
    Slave keeper, have we become
    So deep in the trick analogy, that we
    Have enjoyed the fruits of the slave masters labor?
    Have we become so inductive to self, that we
    Have become the illusions of the slave master himself?

    I don’t give a dam about what the people say,
    my obligation is to our children, and not
    what people think, truth shall not be
    silence, we all live in a tunnel vise mind,
    and it want stop until we break the black code,
    negativity breeds negativity .​
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    That's pure truth right there. Couldn't have said it any better.
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    I am really feeling your words sistah I have always wondered why we as a people don't come together and rebuild our kingdoms, that were once a birthrate to us in the motherland. I have also wondered why do we mask our hurts through material things and things that don't matter. I also wonder what can I do to make difference in my community, as one person, while others sit back and watch each other suffer! But, am I just wasting time thinking while I can just act? I think the problem is that everybody believes that we all have our own problems to deal with. I believe that if everybody came together and helped each other, we would not also have helped someone else but in the process we would've helped ourselves!
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    word up this tells the story of a inner struggle and truth
    couldn't agree more

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    We as a people must correct the mistakes, before the wounds get to deep, it takes a strong voice and faith in God, to move the curse that is in still in our people, there are many who want change, but many wait for others to make a change, wisdom is power full spread the word, and with the grace of God,
    There is power in the almighty pen, the spirit of God, the father saids teach the young, and our mission to God, is to teach, forget about the devils who come in fork tongue, wisdom is God, and wisdom is power, fare not man, fare God.
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    Interesting topic. How many times have we, as a people, NOT told the truth about what happened in a situation, or "covered" for someone because we were afraid of white people finding out? How many of us still lie and hide because we do not want to be that "sell out" that got Pookie arrested or Shanana's kids taken away from her.....? We have swallowed a message of hate and internalized it. Now we must re-build our community. Plenty of us have lots to say on that subject, but how may of us are actually doing anything? Most of us, sad to say, still think of it as someone else problem, not realizing that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

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    But as a people fear not those who think of self, our obligation as a people is to move forward, never forget that satin also have his warriors, and also remeber that warriors walk alone, you will be judged by those, who continue to live in darkness, but the young seeks for knowledge and understanding, there will be many save, and many lost, the destruction of those, who are relinted to change, the power is in your pen, continue to teach, you will be able to reach some.