Chief Elder Osiris : Breaking Out From The Matrix Of Your Mind

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What I share with you is different from what you have been told to believe concerning your Life and the way you are to believe about it, which keep you from getting to know the things that you need to know about your life.

    So you end up rebelling against that which is Divinely True about yourselves, yet you make claim to be concerned about the type of Legacy we as Black people will leave for our own coming generations, a legacy so for, that will reveal how trapped we Black people were and is, in the Matrix of our Mind, a mind that is not akin to your Divine First Way Ancestors Mind.

    What is the Matrix other than a set established way for you to believe about yourself, a way that that has been set for your Mind to travel, in the processes of your belief.

    Which is a pattern that has been so constructed, not by the mental processes of your own Mind, but by the instruction coming from somebody else mind, telling you what you must believe about the Divine Essence, about the Universe, and about your Black Body life Self, a sure sign of a Mind that is trapped in the Matrix of a Mind that has no originality to the Body it now operate from today.

    Most Black People today is trapped in the Matrix of their Mind, a Mind that has no value unto itself, values of a life that has been and is being revealed by other than the Mind Black people originally came here to this Planet with, something Black people take to be just a fantasy story about who we Truly are and is without the Divine Knowledge about from whence we Black People come to be where we are today on this planet, and with Mind.

    We have a Mind today that is trapped into the Matrix of somebody else life (Mind) and not in the freedom of our own Life, which is made manifest by the way we use our Black life in processing our Mind activity, which can be the way we are influenced to believe about our Black selves or how we are to Think of our Black selves.

    A Mind trapped in the Matrix of others Mind construction, in a pattern which is revealed in the body of a society of people who have no clue what Life is meant to be in the loving of the Body that enclose the Life that is performing out from such body, the Body Divine, which follow the instruction coming from the Mind that is performing within that Body Divine.

    So today, it does not matter who you are or what your social status may be, if you are Black, then you are trapped within the Matrix of a Mind you now wear that is not of your own Divine construction, and that is why there is no Black Power and Black Nationalism today.

    The Mind of Black people that is now trapped in the Matrix of their Mind today, such a Mind is not capable of understanding the revelation about the Earth being a living organism, an organ of the physical Universe that is alive and is giving birth in every unaware moment that Time permit to be, and yet by us Black people being trapped in the Matrix of our Mind, it prevent us from being Mental qualified to know and understand why the Earth is a Living organism.

    Such knowledge can not be believed to be True by a trapped Mind in a Matrix that is of values constructed by a known Liar and Deceiver, the Mind Black people now is trapped into today.

    A Mind trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer the Human Being, can not know why it is that Black Power and Black Nationalism can only be realized in Afrika, and no where else by Black people.

    So for Black people to be residing outside of their original habitat which have Black people to be incapable of experiencing Black power and Black Nationalism, all because most Black people are caught trapped in the Matrix of their Mind today, a Mind that is not of the Making of Black People today.

    The Mental Matrix of Black people is liken to a spider web woven by the Mind of Lucifer the Human Being, a Mind of Black people that is trapped into believing all of those things that are told by the Human Being to Black people, in order for us to believe and not to know about such things of life importance.

    such being the purpose of the Mental Matrix of which the Black Mind is trapped like a prisoner enclosed behind the walls that hold their body to be a prisoner and is making no effort to escape, such is the inaction of a Mind that is trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer Mind construction.

    So, a Mind that is being held in captivity is a Mind that is not Free and a Mind that is prevented from experiencing Freedom is a Mind that does not Think, such is the evidence that the Black Mind is trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer the Human Being Mind, having no connection with the original Divine Mind of Black People, you who were once known as Divine Beings and not Lucifer Human Beings, you now being the verifier of having a Mental illness.

    The Mind is the Soul of Life and it is the Divine Energy that is the Soul to the Body, having the Body to be the Divine vessel formed by the Divine Essence, while the Life of that body become the creation of your Mind.

    A Mind is that which can be either Divine or profane, the Divine Essence having nothing to do with such a construction of your Mind, which is no more than a process of sensual to Mental interaction forming the belief in illusion and knowledge of the Reality that come from the Mind and sense action, it being the Divine Mind that is qualified to know the difference between the two processes coming from separate Mind action, one does Divine Reasoning while the other does profane believing, the believing Mind serving as evidence to be trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer the Human Being Mind.

    The Matrix of the Human Being Mind is a deliberate profane creation, fitting to deceive the Black World, whose Mind is no longer Divine and is now trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer the Human Being Mind, a Mind full of Lies and with the ability to deceive, creating a Mental value system which has the trapped Mind believing in the patterns set up for the Mind to follow and to believe to consist of a Right and Wrong in the performance of the Body Life, a Life that is guided by a Mind trapped in the Matrix of illusion surrounded by belief.

    The Matrix is a system of patterns of illusion, designed by a Mind that will have your Life to be guided by a Mind trapped in such a Matrixcal system and as long as the Black Mind is trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer the Human Being Mind, then a freedom of Mind action will not be a part of the Black Body Life Living.

    Lucifer the Human Being has already confessed to be under the guidance of a Mind of his creation that is born to Lie and Deceive the world and has no ambition to be perfect in Life, all being the Mental making of a Devil, Satan, and Lucifer the Human Being.

    So when Black people proudly make confession to be Human Beings, you are confession to be a Liar and a Deceiver with no thought to be perfect in the performing of your Life, and it is all because of your Mind being trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer Mind patterns, which is full of ego, envy, and jealousy, the Trinity of Evil that now have the Black Life Mind trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer Mind.

    The Black Mind is no longer Divine, therefore the Life of Black people are no longer Divine, and it is the Profane Black Mind that is trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer the Human Being.

    Black people are Beings who are victims with a Mind trapped in the Matrix of Lucifer Mind, believing your way through life and not being able to know what a Thinking Mind will have the Black life to do in life and to know, and Understand about Life.

    Knowing is performed by the Mind that is Free, but believing is of the Mind that keep your life confined in mental captivity while the Black World is now being held captive and trapped in the mental matrix of Lucifer Mind, and you wonder why we exhibit the profane quality of spirit that we do in our lives, knowing nothing, and believing everything that we know nothing about today?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    Author of the Book, Divine Spirituality: Getting To Know The Real You.

    The Book Can Be Purchase At, iuniverse .com/book store,, Barnes And Noble Book Store.
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    Breaking away is the key to freeing self mentally ....Thankz