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Feb 8, 2006
Knoxville, tn
the legend of their stable

is something of a fable

it's no myth that Howard put food on her table

long after she told him that some other dude

was more than willing to keep her happy

[Eve walks into Snappy]

could I have a rental?

dealer :

something fundamental?

[eve nods]

dealer :

would this be instrumental?

[back in class]

cora :

but wouldn’t that be detrimental?

i don’t mean to be judgemental

but hasn’t Howard ever heard of Parental Control?

what about his soul?

teacher :


without Eve, Howard’s existence was only accidental at best

elmer :

is this going to be on the test?

teacher :

of course

[bell rings]

don’t forget you can also find some supplemental reading in the library

see you Monday

[back in Indiana]

eve :

what a fun day

i should be there by Sunday

i think I’ll let the top down

that’s better

one way or another, Eve thought, I’m going to find out if Howard’s love letters

are for real


eve & howard


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