Black Poetry : Break Ups To Make Ups (Love Lesson #2)

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    Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
    Sitting, glass in hand,
    watching the ceiling (lowering down on you from overhead)
    the phone won’t ring,
    you can’t take it,
    can’t bring it to your attention to gain the conviction
    to dial 7 digits and explain
    this has been hell
    may have well been the end of your life
    debating, contemplating
    the loneliness a knife,
    that stabs, and jabs
    into your sides
    like a part of you is missing
    stolen away
    can’t sleep, can’t eat
    yesterday, today
    it’s the same
    they sit consistently on your brain
    in a phantom ocean of happiness
    that’s long since started to drain
    and you need them
    and you want them
    want things to return
    to those days you got lost in their beauty
    and the nights that the passion burned
    and you both turned in deep erotic circles
    around the others soul
    nothing else at all mattered
    as long as you could hold
    onto the body, mind, heart, and soul
    of the one who completed you most
    now you’re stuck moping around
    your individuality a ghost
    (because without them, part of you is gone)
    so you sit all alone,
    dammit, throw your foolish pride aside,
    and pick up the phone
    let them know
    the love’s still real
    that not even the skies falling to the earth
    could change the way you feel
    and they complete you
    and you’re praying that you still
    complete them
    you want to refasten the ties,
    forget all the lies,
    trivial ‘he said’s and ‘she said’s
    the painful goodbyes….
    tell them that no true love deserves to be lost….
    and things that are broken
    are meant to be fixed
    no matter what the cost