Black Poetry : Boys give her a dumb stare because Somewhere her lover awaits to discover her cakes she in high school fly sexy and cool like TLC try to rule wanna


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May 11, 2006
Boys give her a dumb stare
because Somewhere
her lover awaits
to discover her cakes
she in high school
fly sexy and cool
like TLC try to rule
wanna be a modeler but no way
she carry a toddler around all day
her arms are sore
and boys come with charms galore
they never harms she jest ignore
must stay strong
when she away from home
never convinced
ever since
she fell in love
can tell one hug
can set her off
he wanna discover pie hid
so he can't cover his eyelid
he got to see the school is near
the road and a boy with a sincere load
of love talk start to rap alert
she have on a mini-skirt
a winner with breasts
and may shock dinner guests
when out in the town
this is domination and you flow well
but need the accommodation from a hotel
well our desk are bunch together
do this mean lunch or whatever?
Wear lace too much
have to chase or search
for the purpose of sex
life a circus complex
this is Black HIPHOP
all facts in flip flops
ready for a speech
right now her panties are very shook
need a boy to carry her books
live in corruption
but teacher give instructions
on how to escape
without giving up cake
have to learn to dodge fast
she's in a large class
some teachers teaches mathematics
and reaches a path of static
oh her panties are hot in class
need come up with a plot fast
boys taught not to get caught
cheating on their girlfriend
meeting at movies their world spin
in school stuff phat and fly
cool and enough to satisfy
now this boy try and get some
oh her panties were flames
you shook his world
wow got pie and breasts to see
wanna try your recipe
“NAW PLAYER her panties are wet
but not going to that car yet
matter of fact we jest met
know she flirt around
but her skirt is down”
he say she got pie galore
its best you try before
you say its simple
even the days of SHIRLEY TEMPLE
may bring a tap dance
and a rap chance
and perhaps a romance
saw a rose and was shook
oh she jest closed her book
oh she jest closed her book
and cross her thighs
she have boss pies
as he toss lies
in her eardrum
which could be fearsome
it appear none
moved her aw hot girl
she rock his world
devastate with rap
and separate crap
into pieces
as his menu releases
knowledge that increases
rock the brain
with shock and strain
but the rope broke
down her dope quotes
very proud of rap
thought I heard a loud snap
NAW PLAYER SO HE'S hoping to smash
on the floor is broken glass
tomorrow groovy
but after a horror movie
now have to write aware
of a nightmares
which is a bad dream
she have mad cream
I mean her dress is down
and her breasts nipples round
she's from a little town
she's a Brown Soul Sista
and boys wanna kiss her
she had a friend gave a boy a kiss


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