Black People : Boy Scouts Lied About Black Members


Jul 2, 2003
Now the Boy Scouts are lying to filch funds. There is no truth any more. No one standing in the church. The rape of young men, the robbing of money has taken this country to an all time low. They blame this all on the liberals.

The democrats are attacked because blacks back them and the rest of the red states and conservatives being as prejudice as they are would rather vote the opposite side even if it destroys them. I am so glad that Mark Felt busted the government and took the conservatives out of power when he busted open the Watergate scandel. More officails need jail time. If a individual can do five years for a small amount of weed, those stealing billions can do their time as well. Justice has tripped over her own scales.

But what they get instead is a pardon, get to resign, or they seal records until those crooks die and then they release just enough records to not implicate others.

Probe: Boy Scouts Lied About Black Members

The Associated Press
Tuesday, May 31, 2005; 11:21 PM

ATLANTA -- An independent investigation of the Atlanta-area Boy Scouts found that the organization inflated its number of black Scouts by more than 5,000 in a program for inner-city youth.

The executive director of the Atlanta Boy Scouts resigned after the report was released.

Auditors said Scout officials assigned to inner-city areas may have felt pressure to demonstrate membership growth, which is a part of their performance evaluations. Membership numbers also are used to help determined funding from the United Way, a major Scouts donor.


I am a old member from some years ago here for a vist and forgot my old email for this site. I wanted to reply to this because I had heard something about this and wanted to look more into as part of my overall research into the scoutreach program and how I can use that to the benefit of my scout troop and others like mine. I have been told scoutreach as it was called no longer exist under that name. I am a former scout in youth who has a son in cub scouts and a scoutmaster of my own troop which is all black. The scout program in the inner city is called scoutreach which is a attempt to establish scouting units in the inner city which is a challenge for many reasons that i personally experience in my own area. With Atlanta being such a black power base the scoutreach program there would have to show numbers to justify whatever donations they are getting. I recently got to spend the night at the Bert Adams scout camp near Atlanta. They just did a 14 million dollar renovation of the camp so I can imagine the numbers coming in. Whoever fudged the numbers obviously felt the pressure to show high enough numbers to show however much money they are getting which is in our community is a challenge trying to get our boys involved in scouting. I personally don't agree with alot of the policies about scouting but I think it gives our boys a fighting chance on the path to adulthood.


Mar 26, 2003
i was in the boy scouts and always felt like an outsider....

in cub scouts the pinewood derby was fun though....

the premise of the scouts is a good teach the youth valuable skills and lessons...
unfortunately most of the scoutmasters are white and do not know how to school black youth...

one love

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