Black Poetry : Bourdain's Funeral, Cold Piss & Dan Quayle in Drag

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    brocoli rob
    smoke the hemp
    the day after that mechanical man Al Gore took the stand
    I couldn't cry over Bourdain
    tried to see what he was up to next but it was too late
    a Chinese man was in the alley taking a pee pee
    just after elder Bush touched some bush he gets in trouble again
    this time was his friend Dan Quayle in drag
    the truth can hurt at times so refined never second guessing
    I'll start professing a good cause to come clean living in a land of mean

    Bourdain was for Bourdain so why should we complain
    the guy was totally insane taking his own life for the sake of what ?
    you make me want to throw up in mouth blame, ***** & pout
    the beautiful thing is when the fat lady sings but sorry it still isn't over then
    got fish for frying and I'm not lying
    environmental sound like Dan Quayle in a gown
    stick it to the man who once said, "Yes We Can"!
    more drama for your momma in comes homeboy Obama
    Trump is busy working with the wall trying to stand up ten feet tall
    Cold piss sorry that I missed a sacred kiss with a hero in our mist.